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CUNY Credit Cards, Travel and Expenses »

  • CUNY Card Holders »

  • Reconcile P-Card Transactions by Individual Employee
    Each Card Holder or their Proxy reconciles their P-Card statement by transaction, uploads corresponding receipts, and then submits the reconciled statement transactions with their receipts to the employee's Supervisor for Approval.

    1. Reconcile P-Card Transactions by Individual Employee <pdf>
  • Approvers of P–Card Statements »

  • P-Card Verification by Card Holder Supervisor
    Reconciled transactions with receipts are verified as an appropriate business expense.

    Fiscal Approvals
    Verified transactions are reviewed to ensure that:

    • corresponding receipts are attached;
    • GL Unit and Department ChartField values associated to the transaction are correct; and
    • CUNY, New York State and New York City policy and procedures are correctly followed.

    1. Verify P-Card Transactions by Employee Supervisor <pdf>
    2. Approve P-Card Transactions by Fiscal Approver <pdf>
  • Expense Users »

  • Travel Authorizations
    Employees who travel out of town representing CUNY submit a Travel Authorization for approval. The Approval route is to be completed prior to the first travel date.

    1. View Expense User Profile <pdf>

      View your Supervisor field used for Approval routing and your default ChartField string that includes your GL Unit and your Department as part of your usual cost center.

    2. Create Travel Authorization <pdf>

      The Expense User or their proxy create and save a Travel Authorization in CUNYfirst.

    3. Modify Travel Authorization <pdf>

      The Expense User or their proxy may come back at a later time to modify or add to the Travel Authorization. A Travel Authorization sent back by an Approver may be modified and re-submitted for approval.

    4. Submit Travel Authorization <pdf>

      Submit a Travel Authorization for approval routing starting with the Expense User’s Supervisor.

    5. Cancel Travel Authorization <pdf>

      An approved Travel Authorization not yet copied to an Expense Report may be cancelled which runs a Budget Check to unencumber the funds. A cancelled Travel Authorization may then be deleted.

    6. Delete Travel Authorization <pdf>

      A Travel Authorization may be deleted in any of these situations: It is no longer needed prior to the Expense Report being submitted for Approval; an Approver returns the Travel Authorization for modification; or the Travel Authorization has a status of Sent Back by an Approver.

    7. View Travel Authorization <pdf>

      See a Travel Authorization when it is saved, submitted for approval or approved.

    Expense Reports
    All employees are responsible for ensuring that their Expense Reports are complete, accurate and adhere to the expense reimbursement requirements of CUNY, New York State and New York City. Expense Reports that do not comply with these requirements are returned to the employee to be modified to meet the requirements.

    1. Create Expense Report <pdf>

      An employee or their proxy may create an Expense Report directly in CUNYfirst.

    2. Modify Expense Report <pdf>

      After saving, the User can come back at a later time to delete Expense lines, change any of the values on existing lines, and add new Expense Report lines prior to clicking Submit if for approval. An Expense Report sent back by an approver may be modified and re-submitted for approval.

    3. Submit Expense Report <pdf>

      When all expenses are entered and saved, click the Submit button. If any errors exist, the Expense Detail page displays for you to correct the errors and then click the Submit button again.

    4. Delete Expense Report <pdf>

      An Expense Report may be deleted when it is no longer needed prior to being submitted, an Expense Report is sent back for modification and the employee chooses to start over rather than modifying the existing Expense Report; the approval status is Sent Back.

    5. View Expense Report <pdf>

      An employee may view their Expense Report.

  • Approvers of Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports »

  • Travel Authorization Approvals

    Supervisor Approval
    Supervisors ensure that the travel meets a specified business purpose.

    Department Approval
    Department Level 1 and Department Level 2 Approvers ensure budget is available for the anticipated travel and that support documentation is attached.

    Expense Report Approvals

    Supervisor Approval
    Supervisors confirm that the Budget Check status is Valid, corresponding receipts are attached, and that each expense line is related to the business purpose. Supervisors Send Back Expense Reports requiring modification.

    Department Level Approval
    Some Business Units required a Department Level 2 approval to ensure that corresponding receipts are attached, and GL Unit and Department ChartField values for each transaction are correct. Department Approvers Send Back Expense Reports requiring modification.

    PrePay Auditor Approval
    The Prepay Auditor is responsible for ensuring that the Expense Report meets CUNY, NYS and NYC expense reimbursement requirements and those expenses are allocated to the correct account codes. The AP Approver can modify or Send Back the Expense Report to ensure compliance. In the event that the AP Approver modifies the Expense Report, a notification will be sent to the employee with an explanation of the changes.

    Review Approval History
    Approvers can view previously approved Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports.

    1. Approve Travel Authorization <pdf>
    2. Approve Expense Report <pdf>
    3. Review Approval History <pdf>

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