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This website contains information for faculty and students about the CUNY Blackboard environment. CUNY is actively developing Blackboard in order to keep pace with Blackboard Inc.’s evolution of its Learning Management System and benefit from newly released functionality enhancements and features. The past few years have seen significant development of Blackboard. The Blackboard platform was upgraded in late December 2013 and Summer 2014 saw the launch of Blackboard’s Content Management System, bringing new storage and instructional functionality to courses. The most recent update was completed in December 2014 and offers new features and functionality.


FACULTY: Faculty should find useful the following resources on this website: User Guides with information on using new and improved features; Workshop Schedules showing training programs; and FAQs with answers to the most commonly asked questions.


STUDENTS:Students will also find useful information on Blackboard; and answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.<more>

CUNY Blackboard Enhanced Project

Blackboard Enhanced

The goal of the CUNY Blackboard Enhanced Project is to proactively develop the CUNY Blackboard environment in order to deliver to the CUNY community the latest product enhancements from Blackboard, Inc. in a timely and scheduled fashion. Additionally, the project seeks to create and make available additional training resources for the benefit of the CUNY community. Starting with a successful upgrade of Blackboard version 9.1 Service Pack 7 to version 9.1 Service Pack 13 in December 2013, this project included the installation of the Blackboard Content Management System in August 2014. The most recent update was completed in December 2014 and offers new features and functionality.


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Updates and Announcements

  • We have completed the December update to CUNY Blackboard which includes new functionality and some very useful features including: Student Preview for Faculty, an updated SafeAssign and Test Enhancements and Grade Center improvements. This Blackboard update also includes The Blackboard e-Portfolio and enhancements to Blackboard Collaborate, the video conference tool for Blackboard. Please contact your campus Blackboard support team for more information.
  • The price for the unlimited access version of the Blackboard Mobile Learn app has dropped to $1.99. This app allows users to access course materials while on the go and interact with their classes by posting/reading announcements, uploading content using Dropbox, and commenting on Discussions. For more information, visit

Contact Information

For more information about the CUNY Blackboard environment in your campus, contact your campus Blackboard administrator.

For questions about this website, contact the project team.