Below, you will find a chart explaining the central goals and projects of the Office of Academic Affairs for 2009-2010. Clicking on each goal's number/title will bring you to a  progress report (prepared in summer 2010). To download a complete set of 2009-10 goals and progress reports, please click here <pdf>.

We welcome feedback on our Office's work. Please direct your comments to Erika Dreifus, OAA Director of Communications.

PMP Goals
PMP Objectives OAA Goals Success Indicators Team Members
Raise Academic Quality
1. Strengthen CUNY flagship and college priority programs, and continuously update curricula and program mix 1.1. Continue planning for new community college Secure significant external funds to support planning effort and provide matching funds needed for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation planning grant; identify CUNY faculty and staff and external partners to participate in developing the new college’s educational model; produce status reports by end of the year documenting progress to date. *Mogulescu, Jordan, Meade, NCC planning team
  1.2 ASAP Continue to serve new and continuing students and measure the success of the program with funding from CEO and other external sources. *Mogulescu, Linderman, Ondrus, Rini
  1.3 Preparing teachers for high-need instruction areas Morph original Teacher Academy model into a junior-senior-master’s model with external funds while supporting ongoing students. *Lucariello, Baker, Corrente, Rini, Wrigley (Deputy COO Sacks, DOE, RF)
  1.4 Enhance use of technology in nurse education Increase capacity in nursing simulation; integrate electronic health records into curriculum; increase use of e-portfolios; increase number of online nursing courses. *Ebenstein, Rini
  1.5 Improve clinical competencies of nursing students Implement preceptor trainings and intensive clinical rotations at affiliated health facilities. *Ebenstein, Ondrus
  1.6 Establish Academic Commons Showcase effective practices, share ideas and innovations, and involve a significant number of participants University-wide. *Otte, Kendrick (CIS)
  1.7 Continue the work of the Committee on Academic Technology Develop consensus around effective practices and procedures for online and tech-enhanced instruction and use of e-portfolios. *Otte, Kendrick (CIES)
  1.8 International Education Clarify and streamline CUNY procedures for developing, approving, and arranging international education experiences for students, with focus on insuring academic quality and implementing appropriate forms of risk management. *Wrigley, Aries, Phaphou- vaninh, Williams
  1.9 Plan for starting a School of Pharmacy Determine what is needed to establish a Pharmacy School. (*Philip), Ebenstein, Wrigley
  1.10 Professional doctorates Prepare White Paper on the organization of professional doctoral programs at CUNY, with analysis of the pros and cons of different organizational models, and begin to effect Recommendation. *Wrigley, Ebenstein
2. Attract and nurture a strong faculty that is recognized for excellent teaching, scholarship, and creative activity 2.1 In keeping with the framework of the Decade of Science, enhance research commercialization and economic development. Increased tech transfer efforts, form start-up companies, build by CUNY CAT, etc. *Small (Budget / Finance)
  2.2 Create mechanisms to support increased inter-campus research collaborations Increased submission of collaborative cross-campus external grant proposals. *Small, Caplan
  2.3 Enhance research, including by graduate students and undergraduates. Increase in number of relevant grant applications and publications; faculty research fellowships; sponsor research conferences; improved IRB and dissertation proposals (graduate students). *Small, Aries, Corrente, Ebenstein, Rini (RF)
  2.4 In keeping with the framework of the Decade of Science, take next steps on ASRC Identify potential directors of five areas and initiate major fund-raising campaign. *Small (Development, Facilities)
Improve Student Success
3. Ensure that all students receive a quality general education and effective instruction 3.1 Enhance academic performance of SEEK/CD students Enhanced performance on OIRA success measures; development of assessment model. *Williams, Aries Ast, Crook, Littman.
  3.2 Increase student success in math Increase math college readiness assessment and accountability; align DOE/CUNY math curriculum; implement math faculty awards and funded math research projects; increase awareness/ usage of math education resources. *Logue, Crook, Jones, Kendrick, Lucariello, Ondrus
  3.3 Promote information literacy system-wide Enable results of CUNY online information literacy tutorial examination to be emailed to students’ home campuses; analyze iskills™ test results; investigate SAILS as alternative assessment vehicle for information literacy; work on extending CUNY-wide information literacy learning objectives to 120 credits. *Kendrick, Littman, Otte
  3.4 Determine if policies concerning remediation need to be changed and, if so, how. Obtain evidence regarding impact of current remediation policies; propose any appropriate policy changes. *Crook, Aries, Jones, Meade, Ondrus
  3.5 CUNY and DOE College Readiness and Success Working Group Secure external funding; develop comprehensive blueprint to better align the two systems. *Mogulescu, Conrad, Steering Committee
  3.6 Improve accountability of CUE programs, including Immersion and First-Year Programs. Evidence-based management of CUE: reporting system for CUE block grants; management indicators based on existing data systems; program impact analysis with recommendations for further improvement; targeted Innovative Grant Program for use in high-impact areas. *Aries, Crook, Ondrus, Rini
  3.7 Coordinate and facilitate work of Centers for Teaching and Learning Enhance role of CUNY as clearinghouse for material related to faculty development: qualitative assessment of status of CTLs; understand other loci of faculty development on the campuses; survey faculty development programs at other institutions; share information on promising principles and practices. *Aries, Otte
  3.8 Increase student success in writing Improve measures and student success in writing: identify range of writing programs; identify existing quantitative data source to measure the effectiveness of existing interventions; report on the impact of writing programs to enhance student success in writing. *Aries, Crook, Dreifus, Moy
4. Increase retention and graduation rates and ensure students make timely progress toward degree completion 4.1 Performance Gaps Address group differences both in access to CUNY and in academic performance, in keeping with NASH “Access to Success” initiative. Refine analyses and metrics to chart progress. Develop an action plan and, with assistance of the Chancellery, execute at the colleges. *Crook, Anderson, Aries, Chellman, Kendrick, Ptachik
Enhance Financial And Manage- ment Effectiv- eness
5. Improve post-graduate outcomes 5.1 Begin to increase retention of CUNY graduates in the teaching profession in NYC high-need schools Examine relevant data and propose strategies. Obtain grant support to track CUNY education students through to post-graduate performance. *Lucariello, Crook, Littman
  5.2 Enhance post-graduate data. Tabulate and report the results of the OIRA survey of baccalaureate students. *Crook, Littman, C. Wade
6. Improve quality of student academic support services 6.1 Ensure adequate student support services at each campus. Establish benchmarks for student support services and make recommendations for specific campuses. *Wrigley, Aries, Jordan
  6.2 Enhance advisement and career ladder opportunities for students interested in the health professions. Implement undeclared health major, along with appropriate advising; develop AAS/BS dual-degree programs in nursing. *Ebenstein, Ptachik
  6.3 PSC Student Mentoring Project Proposed project ready for implementation early 2010. *Aries, Jones, (PSC, Labor Relations)
  6.4 Coordinating academic support services (admissions, bursar, financial aid, and registrar) Inventory the existence and functions of BARFIT (bursar, registrar, financial aid, IT) groups on CUNY campuses as a means to coordinate academic support services. At colleges where such groups do not exist, work with senior administrators to help in their establishment. *Ptachik, Aries, Jordan
7. Increase or maintain access and enrollment; facilitate movement of eligible students to and among CUNY campuses 7.1 Articulation and Transfer Assess the nature and scope of transfer problems in CUNY; extend and deepen an audit of the proportion of credits presented by transfer students accepted by the senior colleges; analyze the reasons why a significant proportion of transfer students graduate with excess credits; and consider policy options for reducing transfer problems. *Wrigley, Aries, Beatha, Call, Crook, Ebenstein, Littman, Lucariello, Ptachik, Williams
  7.2 Management of increasing enrollment Colleges enroll only the number of students for whom they can provide a quality education. *Ptachik, Crook, Jordan, Logue
  7.3 Rationalize and implement system-wide policies via new Office of University Registrar Continue to rationalize and implement system-wide policies via the Office of University Registrar. Mediate the standardization goals of the CUNYfirst project student records component with the business practices of the college's registrar offices. Along with OIRA, collect university-wide, college based data to form the basis for more accurate enrollment planning. *Ptachik, Bianco (CIS)
  7.4 Increase online courses. Develop one online introductory course to be used CUNY-wide. *Otte, Aries, Dreifus
8. Increase revenues and decrease expenses 8.1 Continue to serve the City of New York through projects and partnerships with City and State agencies, and generate external funds to support these efforts Amount and renewal of external funding, city and state satisfaction with projects, number of people served. *Mogulescu and other members of his staff
  8.2 Federal Stimulus Funds Apply for and obtain Federal stimulus funding, implement new programs, and coordinate and monitor spending. *Small, Corrente, Duitch Mogulescu, (Deputy COO Sacks)
9. Improve administrative services 9.1 Increase use of technology in the libraries Improve backup and restore capabilities for the Aleph system. Implement the Aleph Reporting Center System. Provide resources to enable CUNY campuses to deploy Illiad system for resource sharing. Explore options for federated searching system. Explore, review, and implement as desirable and feasible other library systems to support the research, teaching, and learning of the University. *Kendrick, Bryan, Otte (CIS)
  9.2 Enhance prioritization processes for OAA tech projects. All OAA tech projects submitted properly and prioritized; increased number of projects completed on time. *Otte, Kendrick (CIS)
  9.3 Effect Academic Affairs Sections of CUNY First Work with CUNYfirst technical team and subject matter experts to implement campus solutions module in as many CUNY colleges as can benefit from the software. Ensure that colleges are fully prepared before go-live. By early fall 2010, have a firm schedule which includes financial aid and admissions system milestones. *Ptachik, Crook (CIS, Deputy COO)
  9.4 Modernize admissions data systems. Through the CUNYfirst project or other means, establish a plan to modernize admissions data systems including customer relations management, on-line intelligent application, decision engine, and student data-base components. *Ptachik (CIS)
  9.5 Establish administrative infrastructure for new School of Public Health SPH has an integrated financial plan and recruits and hires senior leaders. *Rini (Budget / Finance)
  9.6 Establish procedure for financial review of proposed and existing programs. Procedure established and communicated to campuses. *Rini, Ptachik (Budget / Finance)
  9.7 Increase effective administrative oversight of SEEK/CD Initiate 4 Central Office site visits of SEEK programs and communicate outcomes and recommendations to colleges. *Williams, Aries
  9.8 Increase HR policies that facilitate academic goals. Review current policies, propose changes, and start to effect changes. (*VC Waters), Rini, Wrigley