UBO Unit Descriptions

Budget Planning and Development, Allocations, and Budget Implementation

Budget Planning and Development

This unit is responsible for the preparation of the University's Budget Request. The development of the request involves numerous tasks and significant interactions with college and University officials, the Board of Trustees, the City's Office of Management and Budget, the State Division of the Budget, the City Council Education and Finance Committees, and the New York State Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees. The budget request has two parts –baseline needs and programmatic initiatives. This unit prepares the Budget Request book that is transmitted, upon adoption by the Board of Trustees, to the Governor and State Legislature and to the Mayor and City Council.

When the City and State issue their respective budget and financial plans, it is the responsibility of this unit to analyze the recommendations, assess the impact of these budgets on the University, and prepare appropriate analyses for the Chancellery and the Board of Trustees.


This unit is responsible also for the allocation of the State budget to the University's 11 senior colleges, two professional schools, and central administration, and the City budget to the system's six community colleges. The development and implementation of fiscal policies and objectives advanced by the Board of Trustees and developed by the presidents and the University's executive staff is another key area of responsibility. This unit, under the supervision of the office’s senior staff, undertakes the distribution of funds to the colleges.

Budget Implementation

This unit is also responsible for the preparation of monthly budget certificates for the senior colleges and University Programs in the State adopted budget and budget modifications for the community colleges in the City budget.

Senior Colleges

A budget certificate represents the distribution of the funding in the State budget, by college, major purpose, and program (lump sums and specific allocations), and then by expenditure object (PS Regular, Adjunct, Temporary Service, Summer, and OTPS). The preparation of the certificate requires interaction with staff at the colleges, the University Controller’s Office, and the State Budget and Comptroller’s offices. The budget certificate process is ongoing throughout the year.

Community Colleges

Allocations to the community colleges are made on a monthly basis and distributed to various accounts via the City’s Financial Management System (FMS).

Revenue and Expenditure Monitoring and Data Management


This unit is responsible for the allocation of tuition revenue targets and monitoring of the University's tuition and fee revenue obligations as appropriated in the State and City adopted budgets. These activities involve continuous interaction with personnel at the colleges, the State and City Budget offices, the University Controller’s Office, and the City University Construction Fund (CUCF).

Expenditure Monitoring

This unit is responsible for the oversight and coordination of college financial plans, the monitoring of college expenditures, and the analysis of the financial condition of each college on a monthly basis. Communication and coordination with college staff and the University Controller’s Office is a key to carrying out these functions.

Data Management

The unit is also responsible for a variety of activities relating to the acquisition and transference of data and its placement and use in reports and analyses. The unit maintains University enrollment data which is used to inform the budget allocation process and also maintains historical detailed enrollment databases to track enrollment trends and to assist policymakers in projecting future college needs.

The unit is also responsible for maintaining national comparative databases on enrollment, tuition levels, governmental appropriations, student aid, and other cost measurements. This provides the University with the ability to compare and contrast its situation to national trends at colleges and university systems throughout the country.

Central Office Allocations, Budget Development, and Expenditure Monitoring

This unit develops the Central Administration and University Management budget based on filled positions and prior years’ spending. This unit must work closely with individual Vice Chancellors and office heads in order to determine appropriate budget levels and ensure that sufficient funding is provided for University priorities.

This unit is also responsible for monitoring the technology fee revenues and expenditures at the colleges. 

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