Information Technology (IT) Support

IT Support consists of Systems/Programming and Operations. IT Support has responsibility for the ongoing support and maintenance of CUNY’s centralized financial information systems including the Financial Accounting System (FAS), Financial Information System (FIS), Student Financial Aid System (SFA), Fixed Asset Inventory System (INSITE), and the e-Procurement System (EPS). More recently, it has been providing maintenance support for the CUNYfirst GL and Planning and Budget modules and will be expected to continue this support function as other modules are implemented and the legacy systems are retired. Data for these systems are derived through direct input from the Colleges and Central Office to on-line mainframe screens, web-based applications and electronic interfaces with other CUNY offices and State, City and Federal agencies.

Systems/Programming is responsible for the maintenance of and modifications to the aforementioned University financial systems. As these systems are production “legacy systems,” the maintenance demands are ongoing and require the programming staff to have a particularly well-established understanding of the many computer programs that run each system. Modifications, likewise, are continuing activities and result from user requests and regulatory changes.

Among the key tasks of the programming staff are writing, maintaining and modifying the various programs that 1) produce the University’s annual financial statements and year-end FAS closing and 2) generate the weekly student financial aid check disbursements and direct deposits for CUNY students. Recently, programming staff developed programs to facilitate the return of Federal Title IV funds (the R2T4 project), the centralized mailing of Student Financial Aid disbursements, the delivery of Transit Check Benefits to Senior College staff and the delivery of Direct Deposit information to students through email and viewable on e-Sims.

Operations is responsible for running the numerous computer programs, modules, procedures and routines for the OUC’s systems. Production jobs are run daily to update databases, compile information and produce reports for student financial aid disbursements, encumbrances, vouchers, MWBE (Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises) vendor file updates, budget modifications, and revenue and expenditure accounting transactions. One of the most important tasks of the Operations unit is the production of approximately 500,000 SFA disbursements, annually. These disbursements are made weekly and require the activation of numerous programs to produce the various SFA payroll reports. Additionally, Operations manages all data interfaces with the State, City and other agencies, serves as liaison to the University’s Office of Computer Information Services on production issues and processes daily interfaces from the Legacy systems into the CUNYfirst General Ledger.

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