Graphic Elements

THE CUNY LOGOSQUARE IS THE FOUNDATION of the University’s visual identity system. Developed in 2005 by Pentagram, it replaced the pentagon logo and initially was created as part of the “Invest in CUNY” program. In the intervening years, the CUNY Logosquare has seen widespread use, with only limited guidance. CUNY visual identity standards have developed and improved steadily since then and can provide much more assistance now.

In the following pages, this manual will provide guidance and standards for the use of the University Logosquare and with the Logotype name of the University.

Proper sizes in proportion to other identity elements as well distances that work most effectively are outlined. Examples are displayed of choices in the use of the University logo at the top or bottom of an element. Standards have also been developed for the selection of typefaces to be used for a consistency in the presentation of graphic identity elements, with a full range of weights and styles to provide the necessary diversity. The primary font family is Trade Gothic, with Chronicle now being introduced as the secondary font where a classic serif look is appropriate. An expanded family of primary and secondary colorsis also offered for use with the Logosquare.

The Logosquare, cited by one design firm as one of the 10 best university and college logos in the country, supersedes all the previous graphic identity elements that have been used by the University system.