About Us

The Office of Institutional Research conducts a wide variety of quantitative analysis to guide policy and evaluate academic programs and administrative processes at CUNY. The office collects, manages and organizes data to support the analytic and reporting needs of the University including mandatory federal, state and city reports, ad-hoc requests, grant applications and major projects, such as enrollment management.

  • Analyzes data and presents results to support program development, evaluation, and decision-making among the Chancellery, particularly for the Office of Academic Affairs.

  • Collects and maintains numerous data sets which are used to provide quantitative information to a variety of university constituents. Examples include student information on admissions, enrollment, performance, degrees granted, basic skills and National Student Clearinghouse subsequent enrollment, as well as information on workload and CUNY personnel.

  • Designs, expands and maintains the Institutional Research Database (IRDB) – a warehouse of CUNY's official student data, combining information from all of the colleges in a single relational database. The IRDB is accessible to institutional researchers and others at CUNY colleges and the Central Office for data analysis and reporting.

  • Responds to ad-hoc requests for information and provides data and support to the CUNY community as well as to researchers within and outside of CUNY.

  • Develops, expands, and maintains the Academic Program Database, which contains information on each of CUNY's academic programs, enrollments, degrees, dates, and assessment schedule.

  • Prepares data submissions in compliance with annual federal and state reporting requirements.

  • Designs and maintains web reports for public and restricted access on the OIRA portal to share information about CUNY's students and their enrollment, graduation, and college experience.

  • Conducts surveys such as the biennial Student Experience Survey of undergraduates and the annual survey of CUNY community college graduates, and publishes summaries of survey responses.

  • Designs and generates annual Performance Management Process (PMP) reports including developing the methodology and analyzing data for PMP indicators.

  • Provides expertise on combining data from CUNY's various silo systems towards data integration and participates in the university's ERP planning.

  • Works closely with institutional researchers at CUNY colleges through participation in the Institutional Research Council.