CUNY Professional Development Program

The CUNY Professional Development Program (CPDP) provides courses for employees in various CUNY job groups.  Department directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, non-managerial professionals, and administrative support professionals may choose from courses designed to enhance professional competence and personal proficiency.  CUNY faculty members are always welcome.  Professional competency certificate programs assist managers, supervisors, and administrative support professionals in achieving their professional and career development goals.  A limited number of on-site technology courses also are available.  All CPDP courses are designed to assist CUNY employees in working smarter instead of harder.  Visit to view the current course catalog, program schedule, and monthly course fliers. 

Trainer BannerCompetency Certificates for Managers and Supervisors

Courses for the CUNY managers and supervisors certificate programs have been chosen to equip the CUNY manager and supervisor with cutting-edge managerial competencies and supervisory techniques.  Where required, customization for specific CUNY challenges is incorporated into the design of the course.

To qualify for a managerial or supervisory competency certificate, participants must complete three core courses and two elective courses within a two-year period.  Elective courses may be chosen from a list of leadership development, communications, and workplace violence prevention courses.  Managerial assessments and exercises completed during the foundation course for each certificate will assist participants in determining their elective courses.  Participants must meet course prerequisites and eligibility requirements.  For more information, see the certificate programs section of the OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office (PDLM) course catalog at

Certificate Program for Administrative Professionals

Administrative staff members may take courses that qualify them to receive the Citywide Training Center's Administrative Professionals Certificate (APC).  Three office management core courses, one communications course, and one approved technology course must be completed within a two-year period to qualify for the APC.  Technology courses for the APC must be taken at CTC locations.  For more information about the APC, please review the CUNY CTC catalog (pending).

Registration for CUNY Professional Development Program Courses

To register for CUNY Professional Development Program courses, employees must enter their contact information and selected courses into the PDLM E-Application (“E-App”).  Employees must then print and sign the “E-App,” obtain their supervisor's signature, and submit it to their college Human Resources Office for authorization.  The college Human Resources Office will forward the authorized “E-App” to the OHRM Professional Development Office for processing.  E-Applications should be received in the Professional Development Office at least 10 days before the start of a course. The Professional Development Office generally confirms an applicant's course registration five to seven days before the start of the course.  The PDLM E-Application is available at under the REGISTRATION link or click here .

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