Sexual Harassment Prevention

SHP Flier 2012 In compliance with federal and local laws and CUNY Policy, training is provided to disseminate the University's Policy Against Sexual Harassment and to inform faculty and staff of their rights and responsibilities.  The University provides training programs for campus employees who intake sexual harassment complaints, who educate others on the campus about the CUNY policy, managers and supervisors, and the CUNY Community-at-large.  Campus Sexual Harassment Prevention Awareness and Intake Committee (SHAIC) members are charged with providing training programs and orientation activities to educate students, faculty, and staff about the University's Policy Against Sexual Harassment.

Core courses

Campus Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee (SHAIC) members and/or investigators are required to take three core courses in order to learn the basic skills for executing general committee responsibilities.  The core courses are:

•    Policy and Procedures   
•    Complaint Intake
•    Managing Intake Communications

For Campus Investigators

In addition to the three core courses, SHAIC investigators must take two courses, Informal Resolution: Conciliation and Complaint Investigations, to assist them in resolving and investigating sexual harassment complaints.

For Campus Trainers

Campus SHAIC trainers must take the Train-the-Trainer program in addition to the three core courses.

registration for shaic member training

Members of campus Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committees must use the Professional Development and Learning Management Office (PDLM) E-Application (“E-App”) to register for SHAIC member training.  SHAIC members should complete and “sign” the E-App, print it, obtain their supervisor's signature, and forward the printed document to their campus sexual harassment liaison, or directly to the Professional Development Office, as instructed by their campus liaison.  Authorization from campus Human Resources is not required.   E-Applications should be received in the Professional Development Office at least 10 days before the start of a course.  The Professional Development Office generally confirms an applicant's registration for a course five to seven days before the start of the course.  The PDLM E-Application is available under REGISTRATION at or click here.

For Managers and Supervisors

Managers and Supervisors have additional responsibilities in accordance with the law and CUNY policy.  For them, the OHRM PDLM Office offers a half-day workshop entitled Respectful Workplaces: Preventing Sexual Harassment. This workshop, designed specifically for CUNY managers and supervisors, heightens awareness and informs managers and supervisors of their legal and CUNY responsibilities.  This workshop is conducted on-site.  For more information, contact the Professional Development and Learning Management Office.


For the University Community

The University provides a self-paced, comprehensive, interactive program on sexual harassment law and CUNY policy on the CUNY website.  All members of the CUNY community – faculty, staff, students, and guests – are encouraged to complete this web course.  To begin the course, click on

Campus Sexual Harassment Liaisons

Campus Sexual Harassment Prevention Liaisons are responsible for communicating information on PDLM Sexual Harassment Prevention programs to all campus employees charged with college sexual harassment prevention responsibilities (SHAIC members).  The current campus Sexual Harassment Prevention Liaisons are:

Baruch College
Borough of Manhattan CC
Bronx CC
Brooklyn College
Central Office
City College
College of Staten Island
Graduate School
Guttman CC
Hostos CC
Hunter College
John Jay College
Kingsborough CC
LaGuardia CC
Law School
Macaulay Honors College
Lehman College
Medgar Evers College
NYC College of Technology
Queens College
Queensborough CC
School of Public Health
York College

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Kieran B. Morrow
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