Hurricane Sandy Student Fund FAQS

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I would like to make a donation to help CUNY students affected by Hurricane Sandy


Q.  How have students been affected by the hurricane?

A. In the days and weeks following the storm, colleges reported students coming to school having lost shelter and in many cases all of their possessions. All reports indicated that students lacked one or more of the following: food, shelter, clothing, transportation and other basic needs. After almost three weeks, these basic needs remain the most pressing concerns for students. Additionally, students also lost textbooks, lab materials, computers and other essential items related to their education.


Q.  How will my donation help students?

Currently we are providing funds for Metro Cards, food vouchers, textbooks, and basic needs including housing. In general, funds are dispersed to students who have committed to stay in school and for which these funds will support this commitment and allow a student to continue their education.


Q.  How much of my donation will go directly to students?

A. 100% of your donation will go directly to students if you submit your donation via check, money order or cash. If you donate online, a processing fee required by Pay Pal, which is explicitly designated on the donation website, will be subtracted from your donation. This fee totals approximately < 3% of your donation.


Q. If I would like to send a check or money order, who should I send this to?

Dr. Frank D. Sanchez

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

City University of New York

535 E. 80th Street

NY, NY 10075