Demography Courses Fall 2014

Introduction to Demography 25113 - DCP 70100
GC: R, 11:45 a.m.-1:45 p.m., 3 credits, Professor Holly Reed

This course will review the demographic, social, and economic determinants of fertility, health, mortality and related demographic aspects, and the effects of population size, composition, and structure on social and economic conditions. Each week will focus on the predominant themes in these subareas of demography. Topics will include, among others: demographic transition; aging and mortality; fertility, family planning, and reproductive health; urbanization; migration; family demography to include marriage, living arrangements, and family structure; population and environment; consequences of population growth for economic development; and the demographic future. Prerequisites: none.

Advanced Methods of Demographic Analysis) - 25114 - DCP 80100/SOC 81900
GC: M, 4:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m., 3 credits, Professor Shiro Horiuchi

In this course we study advanced methods of demographic analysis. They are widely used in research on mortality, fertility, nuptiality, migration, population composition, and other demographic processes, but many of them can also be applied to a broad range of topics in other areas of social sciences and biomedical sciences. Those methods include event history analysis (nonparametric, semi-parametric and parametric versions; continuous and discrete time versions; fixed and time-dependent covariate versions), life table techniques (single-decrement, multiple-decrement, and multi-state), decomposition analysis, age-period-cohort models, methods for analyzing multiple time trends (e.g., Lee-Carter model), Lexis map analysis, smoothing and non-parametric regression techniques, and mathematical models of population dynamics. Computer exercises are included. Prerequisites: (1) Introductory statistics including multiple linear regression; (2) DCP 70200 or permission of the instructor. No calculus/matrix background is required.

Upcoming in Spring 2015

DCP 702. Methods of Demographic Analysis. (Prof. Frank Heiland)

DCP 803. Spatial Demography. (Prof. Deborah Balk)

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