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York College

94-20 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard
Jamaica, NY 11451
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York College provides students with a one-of-a-kind educational experience. It offers many qualities of a major university, including a distinguished faculty and strong pre-professional programs. At the same time, students benefit from individualized attention and a strong sense of community.

Special Programs

Cooperative Education places upper-division students in full-time and part-time jobs related to their fields of study.

A three-semester co-op sequence is required for business administration, marketing, and information systems management majors. Students in other majors have the option of participating in one or more semesters of cooperative education.

Concentrations are available in Puerto Rican studies, Italian, Spanish, Latin American studies, women's studies, and journalism.

Early Admission for highly qualified high school juniors.

Community Professional Program offers life experience credit for community service.


  • York is home to the CUNY Aviation Institute at York College, the first CUNY institute to focus specifically on aviation studies.
  • York is the only public four-year institution in Queens County offering programs in social work and upper-division nursing (RN/BSN).
  • York is the only CUNY college that offers undergraduate programs in biotechnology, gerontology, information systems management, and occupational therapy.
  • The College Now Program at York provides instruction and professional development to educators from the metro region. College Now offers one-day seminars on a wide range of topics as well as long-term work groups that facilitate curriculum development.

Centrally located in Queens, York is accessible by car, bus, subway, and the Long Island Railroad. Easy access to the rest of Queens and New York City enables students to pursue community service and internships as part of their curriculum.

The York curriculum is designed to provide a firm base in the liberal arts and specialized training in a career or professional field. The career services component of the York curriculum gives students practical work experience that supplements classroom study.

York College combines state-of-the-art facilities, a career-focused curriculum, and a small-college atmosphere, which provide students with a unique academic experience.

  • Upon graduation, York students are exceptionally well prepared for the labor market. Most have significant job experience and references, and are well equipped to seek employment in their field.
  • Students in community health, education, gerontology, health promotion management, occupational therapy, physical education, political science, psychology, and social work all have the opportunity to pursue community-service fieldwork and internships. They gain valuable experience while making a contribution to the community.
  • York was founded in 1966. In 1986, the College opened its new campus facility in Jamaica, New York. York's state-of-the-art facilities enable students to work with the latest technologies in their field.
  • Music majors studying electronic music and jazz have access to a computer music studio that utilizes microcomputers, digital synthesizers, MIDI interfaces, sound sampling systems, and multi-track tape recorders.
  • The 6,600-square-foot MicroComputer Center contains five classroom labs where students can enhance all computer-related skills.
  • The College's Computer Graphics Lab is the most modern graphics lab in the CUNY system. Students can display three-dimensional scientific figures, create graphic business charts and presentations, develop desktop publishing skills, or utilize computer-aided design in other disciplines.
  • Students interested in media and the communication arts have access to a fully equipped television production studio that includes audio production.
  • The Auditorium-Theater Complex, opened in 1990, houses a 1,500-seat auditorium and includes a theater with dressing rooms, studios, and offices. The Health and Physical Education Complex, another recent addition, includes a gymnasium, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a health and fitness center, athletic fields, and classrooms.
  • Collaboration between York College and federal, state, and local officials facilitated the construction of a major U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) lab and administrative facility on the York College campus. Internships, collaborative research, and job opportunities are available to York students as part of a comprehensive agreement between the college and the FDA.
  • York's library houses approximately 160,000 volumes, including books and bound periodicals. Special collections include United States Geological Survey Maps, a scholarly collection of Hebrew and Yiddish works, and an African-American music archive. York students also have online computer access to The City University of New York's other libraries, which contain almost 5 million volumes.
  • York students participate in more than 50 organizations that represent a wide range of academic, athletic, and special interests, including intercollegiate and intramural athletics.

Travel Directions


J, Z, or E to Jamaica Center (Parsons/Archer).


From Brooklyn - Q8, 24, 54, 56. From Bronx - Q44.
From Queens - Q4, 5, 6, 9, 17, 25/34, 30, 31, 41, 42, 43, 65, 83, 84, 85, 111.


LIRR: to Jamaica Station.

College Contacts

Diane Warmsley

Room 1B07
(718) 262-2165

Financial Aid
Ms. Cathy Tsiapanos

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