College Contacts

College Development Offices, Staff, and Foundations

Senior Colleges

Baruch College

Baruch College Fund

Office of College Advancement
(646) 660-6060

David Shanton
Acting Vice President
(646) 660-6065

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College Foundation
(718) 951-5074

Andrew Sillen
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
(718) 951-5000 ext. 2035

Beth Farryn Levine
Director of Development
(718) 951-5000 ext. 2032


City College

Office of Development and Institutional Advancement
(212) 650-7125
(212) 650-7149 (fax)

Jeff Machi
Vice President for Development and Institutional Advancement
(212) 650-8208


College of Staten Island

CSI Foundation

Janine Scaff
Acting Vice President for Institutional Advancement
(718) 982-2201

Hunter College

Hunter College Foundation

Patricia Ann Moran
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
(212) 650-3733

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Jayne Rosengarten
Vice President for Marketing and Development
(212) 237-8624

Lehman College

Mario Dellapina
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
(718) 960-8350

Frederick Gilbert
Asst. VP of Institutional Advancement
Executive Director, Lehman College Foundation
(718) 960-8350

Medgar Evers College

Division of External Relations

Jamilah Fraser
Assistant Vice President
Office of Communications & External Relations
(718) 270-6911

Kevin McCann
Alumni Relations Director
(718) 270-6938

New York City College of Technology

City Tech Foundation

Stephen Soiffer
Special Assistant to the President / Institutional Advancement
(718) 260-5400

Jewel Escobar
Executive Director, Development / City Tech Foundation
(718) 260-5025

Queens College

Queens College Foundation

Office of Development

Office of Development Contact Information

Laurie Dorf
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement
(718) 997-5051

David D'Amato
Director of Development
(718) 997-3661

York College

Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

Dolores Swirin
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
(718) 262-5193

Larry Cowen
Development Director
(718) 262-5315

Community Colleges

Borough of Manhattan Community College

BMCC Foundation

Doris Holz
Vice President of Development
(212) 220-8021

Brian Haller
Director of Foundations & Corporate Relations
(212) 220-8013

Bronx Community College

Bronx Community College Foundation

Division of Institutional Development <pdf>

Eddy Bayardelle
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
(718) 289-5185

Angela Wambugu Cobb
Assistant Vice President, Office of Grants and Development
(718) 289-5910

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College

Guttman logo

Development and College Advancement

Bruce Lyons
Associate Director of Communications and Public Relations
(646) 313-8015

Hostos Community College

Hostos Community College Foundation

Division for Institutional Development

Ana Carrion-Silva
Vice President, Office of Institutional Advancement
(718) 518-4407

Virginia Almendarez
Director of Development
(718) 518-4152

Kingsborough Community College

The Kingsborough Community College Foundation

Elizabeth Basile, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean for College Advancement
(718) 368-4539

Kirstin Swanson
Associate Director of Development
(718) 368-4539

LaGuardia Community College

The LaGuardia Community College Foundation

Susan Lyddon
Acting Executive Director
Institutional Advancement
(718) 482-5061

Queensborough Community College

The Queensborough Community College Fund

Office of Institutional Advancement

Rosemary Sullivan Zins
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
(718) 281-5144

Sheela Sarecha
Executive Secretary to the Vice President
(718) 281-5144

CUNY Graduate Schools, Professional Schools, Macaulay Honors College

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Cathy Harding
Special Assistant to the Dean
(646) 758-7814

CUNY School of Law

Glenn Kaufhold
Interim Executive Director of the CUNY Law Foundation
(718) 340-4530

CUNY School of Professional Studies

Brian Peterson
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
(212) 817-7259

The Graduate Center

Jay Golan
Senior Vice President Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the Graduate Center Foundation
(212) 817-7131

The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

Jeff Machi

Vice President for Development and Institutional Advancement
(City College)
(212) 650-8208

William E. Macaulay Honors College

Ann Kirshner
University Dean
(212) 729-2925

Sean Moriarity
Vice President for Advancement
(212) 729-2939

Invest In CUNY Campaign Office

Carlos Flynn
University Dean for Institutional Advancement
(212) 794-5654

Duffie Cohen
Executive Director of the Campaign Office
(212) 417-6374

Lyne Etienne
Campaign Officer, Communications and Events
(212) 417-6372

Ed Rhodes
Campaign Officer, Marketing Support
(212) 417-6373

Judith Weiss
Campaign Officer, Corporations and Foundations
(212) 417-6379