The Arts at CUNY

In NYC/Cultural Passport

The Cultural Passport allows you to explore the treasure of New York City from the smallest museums and galleries to the world-class institutions, from Broadway productions to Off-Off Broadway, and don’t forget the gardens and the science centers, historical societies and libraries. Every one of them has something to enjoy.


Art Galleries
From BCC's Hall of Fame for Great Americans to the Queens College Art Center, take time to visit CUNY's eclectic collections of art.

Performing Arts Centers
Performances, lectures, concerts, symposia, and exhibitions. Come check out CUNY's performing art centers.

TV and Radio Stations
Owned and operated Stations that provide CUNY students with hands-on experience in the television/broadcasting fields.

Creative Writing
Find out about CUNY’s array of creative writing programs, read student work, and more.

The Latest

Rubin Museum Collaboration

The RMA invites CUNY students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of its unique programs and exhibitions, and to explore possibilities for collaboration.

Wanna go to a poetry reading? Hear a music concert? Watch a dance performance? See what is happening this week with the Arts at CUNY.