Carlos Reyes


Carlos Reyes

Carlos Reyes came to the United States nine years ago with his wife and children. He has since worked in construction. Last year, work slowed down. However, he had his heart set on applying for his citizenship. Carlos learned about the free immigration services that CUNY offers, and thought this was his chance to finally apply, since he could afford the fees, but he would get reliable assistance at no cost.

So he went to one of the CUNY Citizenship Now! application assistance events. There he got the assistance he needed, and soon after, he and his wife became U.S. citizens. Now, they are in the process of requesting proof of citizenship for their two children, 9 and 17. And CUNY Citizenship Now! is helping them again. When asked about what is the best thing about having become a U.S. Citizen, Carlos says without hesitation, “Having the same rights as someone born here.”

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"Because of the friendly help that they gave us, now,(...)we can call ourselves citizens"

- Carlos Reyes