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New York State Department of Labor

The State Labor Department is a source for employment information in New York State.  In this page you will also find important information for immigrant workers. Click on the options below for more information.

New York City Comptroller's Office

Below are some flyers and brochures with helpful information provided by the New York City Comptroller's office.


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Very useful! This site of the USCIS provides: immigration forms, information on eligibility for immigration benefits, and new regulations. Plus: questions and answers on current USCIS practices and policies, employer information, immigration-related news, and the USCIS Guide to Naturalization.


With basic information, this is a comprehensive website of the U.S. government to provide information to immigrants on settling in the United States, learning about civic values, U.S. history and English, and getting involved in the community through volunteering. The site also has a locator tool to find adult education classes in your area.


This website has all you want or need to know from the U.S. government. You'll find an enhance assortment of online information for services in immigration, public benefits, public safety and law, and many other important resources.

Executive Office for Immigration Review

This agency includes the Board of Immigration Appeals and immigration judges. Look here for a listing of immigration courts nationwide, forms, and free legal service providers.

Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

The BIA hears appeals from certain USCIS and immigration judge decisions. This site links you to recent BIA decisions. Includes forms, a BIA directory (at its "Board of Immigration Appeals Practice Manual & Questions and Answers" link), as well as frequently asked appeals questions and their answers (accessible at the page http://www.usdoj.gov/eoir/vll/qapracmanual/apptmtn4.htm).

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

(search words: "labor certification" or "alien")
The DOL makes decisions on applications for permanent and temporary labor certifications. At their site, you will find information for job seekers and unemployed individuals, statistical data on U.S. employment, regulations on job certifications, and information on wages and health plans.

Department of State (DOS)

Be patient- this site contains a lot of information, but you have to look for it. The DOS grants nonimmigrant visas and, in some cases, immigrant visas. At the site you will find information on nonimmigrant visa eligibility (search phrase: "nonimmigrant visa") and the nonimmigrant visa application (search phrase: "nonimmigrant visa forms"). You will also find information on U.S. consulates and embassies abroad, under the "countries" tab at this DOS homepage.

Selective Service System (SSS)

The Selective Service System website provides information on the status of a person's selective service registration. The web site also allows individuals to sign up for selective service, which is required for all men living in the U.S. ages 18 through 25, except men on student or visitor visas and men who are part of a diplomatic or trade mission. (See the "registration info" link on this SSS homepage).

Visa Bulletin

Check here to find out if your priority date under the preference system is current. The bulletin is usually posted on the 11th or 12th of the month with the cutoff numbers for the following month, at the link "Current Bulletin".

Office of Refugee Resettlement

Links to services and public and private support agencies for refugees.