Adjustment of Status

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Webinar Series: FEBRUARY 2011

This is the fOURTH webinar of our monthly series designed to provide up-to-date information on various vital immigration law topics to practitioners and community advocates.

Some applicants for permanent residence may interview in the United States, the process known
as adjustment of status.  For most applicants, adjustment of status is the preferred method to
obtain permanent residence (as opposed to interviewing at a U.S. consulate abroad).  Some
applicants, if not eligible to adjust status, must leave the United States for up to ten years before
getting an immigrant visa.

Webinar topics:

  • Learn the qualifications for adjustment of status including those qualifying under the "245i" law. 
  • Learn the adjustment of status rules for individuals who entered using false documents. Panelists will discuss if the individual is able to meet all required qualifications for adjustment of status.
  • Learn how to prepare an adjustment of status application. 

Webinar Presenters


  • Allan Wernick, Esq.
    Director , CUNY Citizenship Now
  • Alizabeth Newman, Esq.
    Director of Immigrant Initiatives
    Instructor, CUNY School of Law


  • Patricia Wonder, Esq.
    Instructor, CUNY School of Professional Studies

Anyone interested in applying for adjustment of status and/or assisting individuals with adjustment of status will benefit from the knowledge obtained from the webinar.