January 2013 Events Summary

Volunteer Corps

Events Summary:  January 2013

Computer-Based Citizenship Application Assistance Event at City College
On January 11th, we held our first citizenship event of 2013.  This event was also the first computer-based event of the year.  At our computer-based events, we use the online tool Citizenship Works to help participants fill out the N-400 form themselves.  The tool aims to make the participant more aware of the naturalization process. At this event we helped 23 participants apply for citizenship.  Five participants were referred to one of our centers for further assistance.

Citizenship Application Assistance Event with Council Member Inez E. Dickens
The following day on January 12th, 2013 we held a second Citizenship Event at City College in as many days.  This was one of our regular paper-based events.  Thanks to 41 volunteers we assisted 80 New Yorkers determine their eligibility for citizenship, and out of those, we assisted 64 complete their citizenship applications. This year we will continue our efforts to help as many immigrants as possible, with the goal of surpassing our 2012 achievement of assisting 1,985 participants at events.