NYC Resilient Inverters Workshop



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NYC Resilient Inverter 2013 Workshop

CUNY serves as one of NYC’s prime partners in its coastal storm shelter operations. Where to get power- even enough power to simply charge a phone or a lap top became a prime concern for many in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Solar installations in urban areas are generally ‘grid-tied’ and designed to shut down when the grid fails so as not to feed power onto power lines that are under repair. However, new technology and designs are available that re-route the power captured on our rooftops by solar and other distributed generation, allowing these resources to contribute during emergencies.

CUNY convened NYC’s first Resilient Inverter Workshop on June 5th, 2013 bringing in  five of the top inverter companies to present to NYC solar installers and stakeholders new- or new to New York- technologies that will ideally help create a more resilient New York City. Please see the presentations below. 



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