The College of Staten Island

The College of Staten Island is a four-year, senior college of The City University of New York that offers exceptional opportunities to all its students. Programs in the liberal arts and sciences and professional studies are offered that lead to bachelor's and associate's degrees. The master's degree is awarded in 16 professional and liberal arts and sciences fields of study. Doctoral degrees are offered at the College or jointly with The Graduate Center of The City University of New York in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Physics.

A broad general education program assures that students explore a range of fields of knowledge and acquire educational breadth in mathematics, the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Requirements for the bachelor's degree provide a disciplined and cumulative program of study in a major field of inquiry. Enrollment in baccalaureate programs requires freshman admission standards consonant with those of CUNY senior colleges. Enrollment in associate's degree programs is open to all students with a high school diploma or the equivalent.

The academic year follows a two-semester pattern, with separate summer and winter sessions. Classes are scheduled days, evenings, and weekends. The College has an extensive Continuing Education program and offers off-campus courses with and without credit.

The College of Staten Island traces its roots back to the establishment of Staten Island Community College in 1956 as the Borough’s public institution of higher education of The City University of New York, offering associate’s degrees. In 1965, Richmond College was established by CUNY as a two-year upper-division college to offer baccalaureate and master’s degrees, and participate in doctoral education. Staten Island Community College and Richmond College were merged in 1976 and renamed the College of Staten Island. In 1993, the College of Staten Island was relocated to its present location in Willowbrook.

The College’s 204-acre campus is the largest site for a college in New York City. Set in a park-like landscape, the campus is centrally located on Staten Island. Mature trees and woodlands, flowering trees and ornamental plantings, fields and outdoor athletic facilities, the great lawn, sculpture, and seating areas create a rural oasis in an urban setting. The campus includes state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, studios, and offices in two academic quadrangles, and is home to the CUNY Interdisciplinary High-Performance Computing Center. Other noteworthy facilities include the Astrophysical Observatory, the Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences Building, the Center for the Arts, Sports and Recreation Center, and the Library. The College opened its first student residence halls in fall 2013. 


Accounting (BS)
Adolescence Education (Biology) (BS)
Adolescence Education (Chemistry) (BS)
Adolescence Education (English) (BA)
Adolescence Education (History) (BA)                                   

Adolescence Education (Italian Studies) (BA)
Adolescence Education (Mathematics) (BS)
Adolescence Education (Spanish) (BA)
African American Studies (BA)
American Studies (BA)
Art (BA) (BS)
Biochemistry (BS)
Biology (BS)
Business (AAS) (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Cinema Studies (BA)
Communications (BS)
Computer Science (AAS) (BS)
Computer Science/Mathematics (BS)
Computer Technology (AAS)
Dramatic Arts (BS)
Economics (BA) (BS)
Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS)
Engineering Science (AS) (BS)
English (BA)
History (BA)
International Studies (BA)                                                                                                 

Liberal Arts and Sciences (AA) (AS)
Mathematics (BS)                                  

Medical Technology (BS)
Music (BA) (BS)
Nursing (AAS) (BS)
Philosophy (BA)
Philosophy  (BA)
Physics (BS)
Political Science (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Science, Letters, and Society (BA)
Social Work (BS)
Sociology/Anthropology (BA)
Spanish (BA)
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (BA)


Accounting (MS)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (Advanced Certificate)

Biology (MS)
Business Management (MS)
Cinema and Media Studies (MA)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)
Computer Science (MS)         

Childhood (Elementary) Education (MSEd)
Adolescence (Secondary) Education (MSEd)
Special Education Childhood (1-6) (MSEd)

Special Education Adolescence Generalist (Grades 7-12)

Post-Master’s Leadership in Education (Advanced Certificate)

English (MA)
Environmental Science (MS)
History (MA)
Liberal Studies (MA)

Mental Health Counseling (MA)
Neuroscience, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disabilities (MS)

Adult Health (MS)
Post-Master’s in Adult Health Nursing (Advanced Certificate)

Gerontological (MS)
Post-Master’s in Gerontological Nursing (Advanced Certificate)
Cultural Competence (Advanced Certificate)
Post-Master’s in Nursing Education (Advanced Certificate)

Social Work (MSW)


Computer Science (PhD)
Neuroscience (PhD) offered as a subprogram of the Biology program
Nursing (DNS)
Physical Therapy (DPT)
Physics (PhD)
Polymer Chemistry (PhD)


Macaulay Honors College: 
The College of Staten Island is one of seven campuses that participate in the Macaulay Honors College at CUNY. Students accepted into this highly competitive program complete their degree requirements, including honors in their chosen major, at the College of Staten Island. Special seminars, research opportunities, and co-curricular activities are challenging and enriching elements of the program. The Macaulay Honors College at CSI is designed for a limited number of students who have demonstrated a well-developed commitment to learning and who intend to continue their undergraduate education in graduate and/or professional schools. Students who have earned, or expect to earn, a high school academic diploma with an average of at least 90 with competitive SAT or ACT scores are eligible to apply for admission. Details on the Macaulay Honors College at CUNY admission process are available online at:

Teacher Education Honors Academy at CSI: 
Entering freshmen or students with fewer than 30 undergraduate credits may apply for admission to the Teacher Education Honors Academy at the College of Staten Island. Entering freshmen are expected to have a high overall high school average (a minimum of an 85 College Admissions Average), a college preparatory program in science and mathematics, high grades in mathematics and science courses, high Regents scores in mathematics and science subjects, and high SAT or ACT scores. Students with college credits must have a college GPA of 3.0. All candidates must submit two recommendations that include at least one from a math or science teacher and must have a strong desire to be a teacher in a New York City high school or middle school. For information or an application, please visit, call 718.982.3609 or email

The Verrazano School: 
Entering freshman may apply for admission to The Verrazano School at the College of Staten Island. Admission to The Verrazano School is based upon the following criteria:

  • Strong academic high school record
  • High SAT or ACT standardized test scores
  • Exemption from, or passing of, the CUNY Basic Skills Tests
  • Two letters of recommendation

The Verrazano School accepts applications from transfer and current students. Admission to The Verrazano School for transfer and current students is based upon the following criteria:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at CSI or another accredited institution
  • Full-time enrollment in a baccalaureate program at CSI
  • Passed or exempt from all three CUNY Assessment Tests
  • Completion of 36 or fewer credits.  Applicants with over 36 credits completed and at least two full academic       years remaining are considered on a case-by-case basis.