A Message from the Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost

The University’s Master Plan for 2008-2012 highlighted the role of academic technology in enhancing the learning environment. Within this section of our website, we will indicate the continuing progress and development of academic technology at CUNY.

The Office of Academic Affairs has a number of initiatives promoting and facilitating the use of technology for academic purposes, both for research and instruction. Many of these initiatives seek to coordinate or highlight what could otherwise be thought of as random acts of innovation, bringing effective practices to light, encouraging collaboration, and forging cross-campus synergies. Please explore these web pages to learn more about our academic technology initiatives.

Under the able leadership of the University Director of Academic Technology, Dr. George Otte, and his superb Committee on Academic Technology that includes representatives from each campus as well as from the University Faculty Senate and the central Office of Academic Affairs, CUNY is indeed fulfilling the commitment articulated within the Master Plan.

These are exciting times for academic technology, and for CUNY.

Alexandra W. Logue
Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost