About Math Matters at CUNY




The Office of Academic Affairs has adopted a multi-faceted approach to promoting excellence and achievement in the teaching and learning of mathematics at CUNY. Our Math Matters initiative relies on participation from departments across all of our campuses, the Central Office, and external partners.



Math Matters endeavors include:


The Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Instruction

HwangRewarding Faculty Leadership

Chancellor of the City University of New York (and trained mathematician) Matthew Goldstein created this prestigious award to recognize faculty who have implemented an outstanding instructional method for teaching undergraduate mathematics at CUNY. The winners of the second annual award, Peter Gregory (Baruch College), G. Michael Guy (Queensborough Community College), Janet Liou-Mark (New York City College of Technology), and Leonard Presby (Queens College), were honored in May 2011.  

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CUNY Improving Undergraduate Mathematics Learning (IML) Grants



Funding research to improve undergraduate mathematics learning

In the spring of 2009, CUNY Central’s Office of Academic Affairs put forth a request for proposals (RFP) for faculty-led, evidence-based research projects that could lead to better learning in undergraduate mathematics classrooms. 10 projects were chosen for grants ranging from $32,000 to $86,000, depending on the scope and extent of the proposal.  

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CUNY Math Challenge

Math ChallengeRewarding student excellence

Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development (CISDD), and supported by the Office of the Chancellor, the CUNY Math Challenge seeks to identify and reward CUNY's best math talent. Matriculated CUNY undergraduates are invited to compete for over a dozen cash prizes, ranging from $500 up to a grand prize of $2,500. On May 12, the 2011 Math Challenge winners received their awards.  

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External Math Education Research

blackboard hPursuing excellence at community colleges

In partnership with the Community College Research Center at Columbia University's Teachers College, CUNY's community colleges will be the subjects of an ongoing study to examine the effectiveness of remedial placement policies, including assessment of mathematics placement. CUNY provides an excellent setting for the study as the University tracks students' initial placement exam scores, remedial placement recommendations, developmental course enrollments, and exit exam scores. Sponsored by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the research will use data from all six colleges to examine remedial assessment and placement policies, programmatic interventions, and the impact of each on students, particularly low-income young adults.

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Improving college readiness and success

CUNY will partner with the New York City public school system and a wide array of community groups to increase the number of high school graduates who are fully prepared for college-level work, as well as the number of students who successfully complete a college degree. This endeavor will be funded by a a Communities Learning in Partnership (CLIP) Planning Grant of $250,000 funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and administered by the National League of Cities.

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Mathematics Technology

blackboard bw2Advanced resources for student assessment

CUNY has provided mathematics faculty access to Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite, an advanced software system to assess the appropriate entry-level course in mathematics for students based on their knowledge of techniques and concepts.

Providing tools of the trade

CUNY has distributed more than 275 advanced calculators to libraries at 16 university campuses. These calculators will be loaned to students to assist them with the advanced quantitative aspects of their studies.



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