Fast Facts about Community Colleges

Community colleges are a great way for students to save money, since they cost about 62 percent less on average than 4 year public four year colleges, and provide students with credits that can be used towards an associate degree and/or transferred towards a bachelor's degree at another college.

  • Almost half of all undergraduates in the United States are enrolled in community colleges.

Community Colleges at the Forefront

  • Health care: 59% of new nurses and the majority of other new health-care workers are educated at community colleges.
  • Workforce training: 95% of businesses and organizations that employ community college graduates recommend community college workforce education and training programs.
  • International programs: Close to 100,000 international students attend community colleges, about 39% of all international undergraduate students in the United States.
  • Homeland security: Close to 80% of firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMTs are credentialed at community colleges.
  • Earnings: The average expected lifetime earnings for a graduate with an associate degree are $1.6 million, about $400,000 more than a high school graduate earns. (

CUNY Community Colleges

The six community colleges of the City University of New York (CUNY) are located throughout The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, and offer various programs of study. Students should visit as many campuses as possible and give serious thought to their priorities before deciding on one. They should consider what programs and degrees are offered, what support services are available, what articulation agreements exist with senior colleges, and the school's location, environment, and atmosphere.

Here are some examples of what makes CUNY's community colleges special:

Hostos Community College offers:

  • a wide array of Associate degree and certificate programs, including Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.), and certificate programs in Community Health, Practical Nursing (LPN) and Office Assistant.
  • an Associate in Science (AS) degree in Electrical Engineering that is a jointly registered, dual admission program with the existing Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (B.E./EE) at the City College of New York
  • an Associate in Arts (A.A) degree in Criminal Justice as a jointly registered, dual admission program with the existing Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (B.A.) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Kingsborough Community College offers:
  • almost 50 academic degree programs and certificates
  • Learning Communities, in which students take a cluster of courses together, often around an interdisciplinary theme or problem, and receive extensive faculty support
  • Field experiences in physical education, recreation and recreation therapy, mental health and human services, office administration and technology, retail merchandising, early childhood education/child care, and tourism and hospitality.
  • An Honors Program specially designed for motivated students interested in taking challenging Honors courses and/or independent study Honors enrichment projects while pursuing their Associate degrees.
LaGuardia Community College offers:
  • almost 50 academic degree programs and certificates
  • the 3rd largest graduating class of Business majors in the country, the largest graduating class of Health Sciences majors in New York City, and the 2nd largest graduating class of Computer & Information Systems majors in New York City
  • a variety of support services that help students succeed academically, including free tutoring labs, a recently updated Library/Media Center, learning communities, educational counseling, career counseling, personal counseling, academic advisement, academic peer instruction, and student mentors.
Below are links to CUNY's community college websites:

Borough of Manhattan Community College
Bronx Community College
Hostos Community College
Kingsborough Community College
LaGuardia Community College
Queensborough Community College

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