Course Descriptions


The CUNY Start program provides college transition instruction in two content areas:  math and reading/writing. The full-time program is 25 hours/week, providing both Pre-College Math and Academic Reading/Writing. The part-time program enrolls students for a single content area, either Pre-College Math or Academic Reading/Writing.  CUNY Start students also attend a weekly seminar in College Success.

Pre-College Math

Building on high school and high school equivalency-level math skills, Pre-College Math focuses on more complex topics in algebra.  Topics include functions in new settings and the manipulation of expressions. Understanding is maximized through in-depth study of core math concepts in an interactive, supportive learning environment.

CUNY Start Math Video: Teaching With Questions >>

CUNY Start Core Values - Math <pdf>

Academic Reading/Writing

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students build key reading and writing skills and broaden their general background knowledge. Skill development includes argumentative and analytic writing, and college-level reading and study skills.

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CUNY Start Core Values - Reading/Writing <pdf>


College Success Advisement

Studentsdevelop their academic identity and learn about college structures and campus resources. College advisement helps students align their career goals with educational requirements and prepares them for academic achievement and graduation.

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CUNY Start Core Values - Advisement <pdf>