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"To me one of the most important tools that one needs to survive in college is a great support system. Students know they can find that in ASAP. No matter the situation, students know they can meet with their advisor and get assistance. If we can assist the student we do so willingly, and if we can't we make sure to point them in the right direction. What makes ASAP unique is the bond and friendship advisors develop with students over the course of their time at Kingsborough and sometimes beyond."

Kwesi Samuels, Academic Advisor, Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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"The most rewarding thing about working for ASAP is seeing the students you work with overcome their fears and obstacles in order to succeed in their personal lives and as students"

Gerard Cole, Academic Advisor / Instructor, Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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Victoria Wallace




"[ASAP] has given me the sense that I can help and motivate so many young people to complete their college degree and move on to bigger and better things in their lives."

Victoria Wallace, Student Manager, Queensborough Community College ASAP

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"...ASAP is unique because of the way in which we are able to develop and nurture relationships with students. ASAP is unique because it tries to bridge the gap between the obstacles that often sabotage student success and motivation and the resources that can help students address those obstacles. ASAP is unique because its students have a support system clearly defined to assist them in reaching their future goals and aspirations."

Melanie M. Robles, Academic Advisor, Bronx Community College ASAP

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"ASAP is able to form and maintain an actual relationship with its students. Having that kind of bond allows the Student Manager to delve a little deeper and, more often than not, to have a more meaningful impact."

Melissa Schwartz, Student Manager, Queensborough Community College ASAP

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"It’s a wonderful feeling to know that a student needs me to be a listening ear and just bounce ideas off me. Part of the development process of advisement is to reassure the student that whatever the decision they make, I want them to be comfortable with it and know I will support and guide them."

Natasha Devi Apanah, Academic Advisor, Borough of Manhattan Community College ASAP

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"While working at ASAP I have built personal and professional relationships with the staff and students. I enjoy helping the students academically and technically in any way possible. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I direct a student to a service that helps them in some way."

Davendra "Dave" Ranglall, ASAP Evening / Weekend Assistant & Database Coordinator, Borough of Manhattan Community College ASAP

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"My most memorable moment while working with ASAP was when one of my advisees came into my office with a form to withdraw from the ASAP program and from college altogether.  We looked at the situation and together we worked things out. Today that person is doing well at Baruch College. It only takes a moment to show someone that there is hope."

Cyd Williams, Academic Advisor, Bronx Community College ASAP

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"We wouldn’t be the program we are today without the support and the commitment that our team brings to the ASAP every day. And we wouldn’t be the program we are today if it wasn’t for the perseverance and the desire that our students have for success."

Mario Pena, Office Assistant, La Guardia Community College ASAP

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"ASAP has allowed me to see deeper into the potential each person possesses, even when it is hidden."

Lavie Margolin, Career and Employment Specialist, La Guardia Community College ASAP

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"Most would say ASAP is unique because it provides students with benefits like MetroCards and free textbooks, but I think the thing that makes ASAP stand out the most is the advisement services we provide our students with."

Jonelle Gulston, Recruiter and Academic Support Coordinator, Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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"The program offers students an opportunity to obtain a college education while developing life skills and receiving career guidance. Students are integrated into the college at various levels and can take advantage of the support and care from the ASAP team to help them succeed."

Steve Dauz, Advisor, LaGuardia Community College ASAP

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"It has given me a great deal of satisfaction to know that I have had an impact on many students’ lives."

Michael Stahl, Career & Employment Specialist, Borough of Manhattan Community College

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