Staff Listing


CUNY Office of Academic Affairs (CUNY Central)

  • Donna Linderman, University Associate Dean for Student Success Initiatives and Executive Director
  • Daniela Boykin, Deputy Director
  • Shaun Rasmussen, Program Coordinator
  • Matthew Sherman, Program Coordinator and Social Media Specialist
  • Diana Strumbos, Assistant Director for Research and Evaluation
  • Alex Tavares, Research Associate
  • Zineta Kolenovic, ASAP Expansion and Replication Specialist
  • Francis Mosquito, Program Assistant
    Contact ASAP at the CUNY Central Office



Borough of Manhattan Community College

  • Lesley Leppert, Director
  • Nadine Browne, Interim Acting Director
  • Natasha D. Apanah, Academic Advisor
  • Stephanie Ramsey, Academic Advisor
  • Nathaniel Palmer, Academic Advisor
  • Ainsworth Brown, Evening/Weekend Academic Advisor
  • Michael Stahl, Career & Employment Specialist
  • Gregory Bryant, Recruitment/Outreach Coordinator
  • Denessa Reid, Program Coordinator
  • Dave Ranglall, Evening/Weekend Database Assistant
  • Cindy Veras, ASAP Assistant
    Contact ASAP at BMCC



Bronx Community College

  • Francisco (Javier) Legasa, Director
  • Cyd Williams, Academic Advisor
  • Melanie Robles, Academic Advisor
  • Jessica Cabrera, Academic Advisor
  • Kathleen (Betty) LeCadre, Career & Employment Specialist
  • Margarita Lopez, Program Secretary
    Contact ASAP at Bronx



Hostos Community College

  • Laura McGowan, Director
  • Lissette Jourdain, Academic Advisor
  • Lauren Millin-Moore, Academic Advisor
  • Reuben Quansah, Academic Advisor
  • Berkis Cruz-Eusebio, Career & Employment Specialist
  • Chrystal Joseph, Administrative Assistant
    Contact ASAP at Hostos



Kingsborough Community College

  • Marie Caty, Interim Acting Director
  • Martha Greasley, Academic Advisor
  • Carey Manifold, Academic Advisor
  • Kwesi Samuels, Academic Advisor
  • Gerard Cole, Academic Advisor
  • Jonelle Gulston, Academic Advisor
  • Heidi Yu, Career & Employment Specialist
  • Christopher Rodriguez, Academic & Recruitment Coordinator
  • Janita Sakil, Administrative Assistant
    Contact ASAP at Kingsborough



LaGuardia Community College

  • Shayla Pruitt, Interim Acting Director
  • Jaclyn Kreuger, Academic Advisor
  • Hicania Gomez, Recruiter, Academic Advisor
  • Steve J. Dauz, Academic Advisor
  • Matthew Eckhoff, Academic Advisor
  • David Turcotte, Academic Advisor
  • Lavie Margolin, Career & Employment Specialist
  • Caroline Mendez, Administrative Assistant
    Contact ASAP at LaGuardia



Queensborough Community College

  • Bobbi Brauer, Director
  • Rosanna Fernandez, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
  • Danielle Izzo-Buckner, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
  • Melissa Schwartz, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
  • Bridget Tambini, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
  • Victoria Wallace, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
  • Stephen Atkins, Career & Employment Specialist
  • Lindsey Fruchter, Office Assistant
  • Nekesha St. Rose, College Assistant
  • William Newsome, College Assistant
  • Anna O'Neal, College Assistant
    Contact ASAP at Queensborough