Stephen Atkins




Career and Employment Specialist,

Queensborough Community College ASAP


It was during my years as an undergraduate that I was inspired to assist others in understanding how academic advancement and career development go hand in hand.  As a business major at a non-traditional campus, I knew the importance of exposure and networking. Having joined various campus organizations, such as student government, I interacted with a number of student development departments. It was during these interactions that I came to know I would one day want to work with young adults who were trying to figure out what to do with their lives and how to get where they wanted to go.


During my 20 years in corporate America, I was afforded the opportunity to provide career development and employment services to underserved and disadvantaged youth from the inner city. I found this opportunity very gratifying and it confirmed my desire to seek employment in higher education.  My chance came in January 2010, when I was hired by Queensborough Community College as a Career and Employment Specialist (CES) for the ASAP program. This opportunity allowed me to fulfill the dream I’d had as an undergraduate many years earlier.


It is my belief that every student who enrolls in college has a unique gift and a desire to reach their goals. Students just often need help in recognizing and using their gifts, and help in figuring out how to reach their goals. As a CES, it is not only my job to help students identify what they need to do to succeed, but to also provide the necessary resources to help them achieve their dreams. My background in business and the vast real life experience I’ve gained over the years benefits the students I interact with. Besides helping students build their resumes, write cover letters, and prepare for interviews, I also work to encourage all students to continually strive for excellence in academics—and to understand that having a career plan is crucial to their overall success.



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