Laura McGowan





Hostos Community College ASAP


I am very excited to be the new director of the ASAP program at Hostos Community College and look forward to getting to know everyone better! 


I come from LaGuardia Community College, where I spent three years as the Director of Transfer Services and four years as the Director of Academic Support Services, overseeing the advisement needs of 8,000 continuing students.  Directing a small program that currently consists of fewer than 200 students is quite a change for me!
What has not changed is my passion for--and commitment to--community college students.  I myself started at a community college as a first-generation college student.  I eventually went on to earn three master's degrees and a Fulbright scholarship which allowed me to spend a glorious year living in Bologna, Italy.  I know firsthand, then, where a community college experience can lead!

I look forward to being inspired by Hostos' ASAP students, sharing their journeys and celebrating with them at commencement ceremonies for years to come.



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