Heidi Yu



Career Specialist,

Kingsborough Community College ASAP


After a winding road of experiences, including social work and teaching overseas, I have come to know that I truly enjoy connecting students to new opportunities in which they can explore their interests, skills, and values and possible careers that may be a good fit for who they are.

In October 2009, I joined ASAP at Kingsborough Community College. I immediately noticed the comprehensive services ASAP provides for students. Coming from a social work background, I understand the importance of a providing a community where students can feel supported while they deal with the challenges of juggling various responsibilities and demands.

I truly believe that each student has the potential to achieve great things, and I am proud to be part of the ASAP team at Kingsborough that takes steps to help students realize their potential. As an ASAP Career Specialist, I am working and will continue to work to help students assess who they are as they pursue jobs and enriching internships. I will also provide career advisement, assist with resumes and cover letters, and prepare them for interviews. I also want to encourage students and help them recognize that they are capable of so much and that they have so much to see and experience.



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