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ASAP is a post-admissions process and information from students’ financial aid awards and CUNY Assessment Tests results are required to determine eligibility.  Students who are eligible to apply and complete ASAP admissions steps in a timely manner will have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of benefits available to incoming students over the summer, including the University Skills Immersion Program (USIP) and ASAP early engagement activities. Through ASAP and USIP, students with developmental course needs can enroll during the summer free of charge and can begin to access college support resources.   

Since its inception in 2007, CUNY ASAP has worked with New York City college access staff to inform professional counselors and advisors about ASAP’s program benefits, eligibility requirements, and enrollment steps.  This has helped to improve the number of community college-bound students who apply and complete the steps to enroll in ASAP as early as possible.  

In October 2011, Chancellor Goldstein announced plans to expand ASAP across the six participating community colleges to grow the program from 1,300 students to over 4,000 by 2014.  With generous support from the Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO), CUNY ASAP Central launched a city-wide outreach and awareness campaign in December 2011 to support recruitment for the expansion.  During January through June of 2012, a team of youth professionals and former ASAP alumni facilitated 317 workshops at 181 high schools, community-based organizations and GED programs in low-income zip codes throughout the city, reaching 5,468 students.  

In August 2012 ASAP met fall enrollment targets recruiting 1,567 new students across all six participating community colleges; ASAP also successfully recruited 1800 new students for fall 2013.



ASAP Outreach Activities

ASAP outreach efforts for fall 2013 have shifted slightly from implementing student-facing workshops to workshops targeting college access staff.  The following activities and resources are currently underway and are available to support college access staff and students:


arrow Counselor Workshops
ASAP Central Office Counselor workshops are scheduled for Mid-Winter and Spring, and are designed to provide key information on ASAP’s benefits and the steps to enrolling in the program, as well as strategies for engaging students in conversations about college and post-secondary planning. Click here to learn more and to attend >>


arrow ASAP Monthly E-Newsletter
Counselors and students can sign up for the ASAP Stay Connected and Informed monthly e-newsletter, which features the CUNY community college exploration, enrollment and application timeline as well as ASAP student profiles.  
Click here to sign up for the newsletter >>



arrow Student and Counselor Resources
A number of resources and promotional materials are available, including a CUNY enrollment and application timeline and videos featuring ASAP staff and students that outline the benefits of attending a CUNY community college and enrolling in ASAP.  



arrow Social Media
Students and counselors can connect with prospective and current students on Facebook, Twitter, Linked and YouTube. ASAP’s robust social media presence includes regular features such as “What’s Appening,” a weekly recommended college-related iPhone app; “Edu-tainment,” a weekly YouTube video that incorporates college life; and “DoYou” posts about interesting majors available at CUNY and other career exploration tips. 

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Additional Information

For additional information please contact:

arrow Shaun Rasmussen
ASAP Program Coordinator