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"I have been at CUNY for forty years... Over a long career, I have had the opportunity to build and run many programs.  In all my years at CUNY, I have seldom, if ever, seen a program that has achieved the success of ASAP."

John Mogulescu, Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Professional Studies

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"As valuable as ASAP has been to students in the program, it has proved equally valuable to Kingsborough itself.  The success of ASAP has given our college insights into what works not only in helping our students earn a college degree but also in improving student learning."

Regina Peruggi, President, Kingsborough Community College

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"While representative of our community college population, our students' outcomes are anything but typical.  They defy expectation through their intelligence, tenactity, and ... a strong desire to achieve great things and contribute to our City.  They are supported by a dedicated ASAP team at each college, who are deeply committeed to student success."

Donna Linderman, University Associate Dean for Student Success Initiatives and ASAP University Executive Director

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"There are a lot of students coming out of high school who need to build up their confidence and be exposed to a supportive network.  ASAP was this and so much more for me.  As John Dewey [wrote], 'Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life, but is life itself.'  ASAP has helped me be an active participant in realizing my full potential."

Jamel James, Kingsborough ASAP graduate; current student, Baruch College

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