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ASAP alumni/ae have met with continued academic and career successes after graduation.  Many are working towards--or have already earned--their bachelor's degree from CUNY senior colleges.  Others have pursued further study outside of the CUNY system.  Many have begun promising careers in a wide variety of fields.




"[B]ecause I always counted on such a lovely group of people I was able to finish a two-year program in a year and a half... I will never forget the wonderful group of people I met in the program. Every fellow classmate and every staff member helped me in one way or another to excel in my education."

Javier Gonzalez, BMCC ASAP '08, Baruch College '11

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Bronx ASAP Alumni




"When professors know you’re an ASAP student, they assume you have a set goal you’re trying to reach, and they push you more.  In ASAP you’re not just another student."

Shalleria Reid, Bronx ASAP '09, John Jay '11

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Hostos ASAP Alumni


"I think the ASAP program places so much emphasis on its financial assistance because that is what attracts students, but in the end what keeps us in the program and what helps us succeed is everything beyond the financial help. Over time I realized that it was those monthly meetings [with my advisor] that pushed me to pick up the slack and to do better on my upcoming tests.  I realized that it was the ASAP Seminar that prepared me for the 4-year college that I am currently at.  And that is what ASAP is really about—helping you succeed at any cost."

Katherine Feliz, Hostos ASAP '11, Lehman College '13

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Kingsborough ASAP Alumni



"I think that ASAP impacted my life greatly—and still does.  I was able to build lasting relationships, and I’m still in touch with many people from the program: we still talk on the phone, and I just saw an ASAP friend recently.  ASAP wasn’t a generic experience; it wasn’t just a program I’d do and that’s it.  The friendships and the relationships with the staff really make ASAP memorable.  The staff really went above and beyond, well past their job description."

Shereece Blake, Kingsborough ASAP Winter '08, City College ’11; current student, Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University

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La Guardia ASAP Alumni



"Even though students might be more attracted to the program because of its financial benefits, having an ASAP advisor was much more vital in my journey to success. Undoubtedly, money is an important aspect in college. However, there are so many students who come to college and have no financial needs, and they still fail or drop out of college. Having the proper academic and personal guidance from experts can be a key factor in making a student succeed in college."

Shenouda Ayad, LaGuardia Community College ASAP Fall '11, City College '14

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Queensborough ASAP Alumni




"The most gratifying aspect of being an ASAP student was knowing that I was a part of something much larger than myself... Two years certainly passed by quickly. Yet years from now, when I reminisce on my college experiences...Queensborough Community College and ASAP will always come first."

Fatima Ali, Queensborough ASAP '09, Queens College '11

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If you are an alumni/ae and would like to keep in touch with your former ASAP advisors, you can contact ASAP at any campus by clicking here If you are an ASAP alumni/ae and have news you'd like to share with us, please email us .  We'd love to hear what you've been up to since graduation!