Yolande Guei '11




Borough of Manhattan Community College ASAP '11

Lehman College '13, B.S., cum laude

Lehman College, masters of business in financing '14

Accounting clerk, Seiden & Schein, P.C.


What were your early impressions of ASAP, and how did they change over time?

I was really impressed by the ASAP program.  The program answered all my concerns. The great impression remains the same.


What was the most rewarding thing about being an ASAP student?

The most rewarding thing about being an ASAP student was the privilege we have on our campus. We had priority in that we had our special classes (ASAP blocked classes) and in the way we were treated at the bookstore (we had our own checkout line).


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

In my opinion, ASAP is unique because it is not only a program--we are a family. The academic advisors, the director of program, and the counselors have one goal in common, they want you to succeed. They would do anything to help you achieve your goals. Even though I am not at BMCC anymore, my academic advisor Nadine Browne still cares about me. Being a part of ASAP is bigger than what I expected.


Looking back, how do you think that ASAP impacted your life?

ASAP impacted my life on many levels. When I was down, Sarah the counselor was there. In my struggle, Nadine was cheered me up. She would say, “Yolande, I know you can do it.” That put me back on track.


What is the most memorable moment you had as an ASAP student?

It was two semesters until graduation, and Nadine and I talked about the CPE exam. I told her I wanted to take the exam as early as possible. She said, “Okay, let me talk to Leslie,” the director of ASAP at BMCC. They both agreed that based on my academic record, they would write me a letter of recommendation to let the school give me the exam early even thought I had not reached the number of credits usually required. I was overwhelmed by the amount of trust they had in me, and I made every effort to ace the CPE. My advisor was the one to announce the good news to me. She called me and said, “Guess what? You passed the CPE. I knew you could and I am so proud of you for your accomplishments.”


What are your career goals and/or future plans?

After completion of my Master of Finance degree, I am heading to Baruch College for my master’s degree in taxation. Later on, I plan on taking the CPA exam and eventually hope to work for the IRS.




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