Lawrence Anderson '11


Anderson Grad


Hostos Community College ASAP '11

College Assistant, College Now Office, Hostos Community College


What were your early impressions of ASAP, and how did they change over time?

From the first time ASAP was introduced to me, I knew it was going to benefit me. My positive impression of the program grew even more as I learned more about the resources it provides, such as the personal advisors that help you with class schedules and getting documents and files to their appropriate places, the blocked classes that provide a supportive class environment where everyone knows each other, and, of course, the tuition payment and the monthly MetroCards!


What was the most rewarding thing about being an ASAP student?

For me, I think the relationships that were made and the connections that were forged. The connection between the  ASAP staff and students went a long way, and provided students with more positivity to press forward. The constant encouragement and help that we received as ASAP students was special. We had our own tutoring room and tutors just for us. Those in the ASAP staff aimed for each of us to succeed by providing free seminars for us to teach us about career choices in life, taking the next step, and other life transition skills.


Anderson WSWhat, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

ASAP helps build relationships, ASAP provides services to students on a more personal level, and ASAP helps those who need the support. What makes ASAP unique, to me, is the closeness everyone in the program shares. ASAP is like its own community that’s a part of a bigger community. There hasn’t been a person who has told me that they disliked the program. I encourage anyone who can to be a part of it.


Looking back, how do you think that ASAP impacted your life?

Looking back, I am very proud and overjoyed that I was able to be a part of such an inspiring program. ASAP has come through for me with my finances, my classes, and getting me ready for the future. If it wasn’t for ASAP I don’t know how I would’ve paid for college. My mother even thanks God for ASAP because it paid my way through college. Also, if ASAP advisors weren’t there to help me choose the right classes, I would have taken unnecessary classes or even the wrong classes. ASAP not only paid for my classes, they guided me along the way which helped me graduate in minimal time. If not for ASAP I might still be running around not knowing which classes to take or not graduated yet because I would have to be working to pay for school.




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