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Queensborough Community College ASAP alumni/ae are up to exciting things: continuing their study at a variety of undergraduate and graduate institutions across the country, participating in summer programs and internships, and beginning their careers.



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"It has been about two years since I graduated high school, and today I look back at the girl who lacked a significant amount of confidence in herself; the girl who though she would be a complete failure; the girl who was too afraid to even try. Today I am the young lady who is going after all of my dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem."

Morika Gopaul, Queensborough Community College ASAP '12

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"The ASAP program opened a door to opportunities, which I took advantage of. It helped me through my years at QCC by giving me confidence, leadership skills and motivation. I learned how to deal with the challenges and difficulties that life will bring and I will always be grateful to my advisors and professors that helped me accomplish my goals."

Gladys Juca, Queensborough Community College ASAP ’10; City College ’15

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Nico Martiny



"I think experiencing a small, supportive community within a much larger one was different from the experience many of my friends had at other schools."

Nico Martiny, Queensborough ASAP January '10; current student, Lehman College

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Fatima Ali


"The most gratifying aspect of being an ASAP student was knowing that I was a part of something much larger than myself... Two years certainly passed by quickly. Yet years from now, when I reminisce on my college experiences...Queensborough Community College and ASAP will always come first."

Fatima Ali, Queensborough ASAP '09, Queens College '11

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Fall 2011

On September 26, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein honored six ASAP alumni, including Fatima Ali (Queensborough '09), at "Re-Imagining Community Colleges: A National Colloquium."  Read more >>




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