Charlene Gibbs-King






My name is Charlene Gibbs–King and I hail from the beautiful country of Guyana, where I grew up and completed my primary and high school education prior to attending BMCC.  I’m a mother, a wife, and recently added student to that list. After my first day of class I was told about the ASAP program. The benefits were enticing, but first I had to find out if I would qualify to be a part of this extended family, as the ASAP program has since become to me. 


I had been out of school for 26 years.  For nine of those years I had lived in the United States, and I had contemplated going back to school for most of that time.  My oldest was eager to go, too, and be the first in his family to attend college. I did not shatter that dream for him and enrolled only after he had completed two years of college. I did not regret this decision as enrolling in the ASAP program when I did has allowed me to benefit from the wonderful support system that commit their time each day to ensuring that all ASAP students maximize their full potential while enjoying the other invaluable benefits of the ASAP program: personal advisement, early registration, the ACE Seminar, free textbooks, MetroCards, one-on-one tutoring, and invaluable motivation—all of which are very important elements of the ASAP program.


On my first visit to the ASAP office, Dave Ranglall was the first person to welcome me. He exhibited so much professionalism and was very helpful, and I was eager to meet the rest of the staff.  I was assigned to my advisor, Denessa Rose, and it was as if we had met before, but this was our first meeting. Denessa explained what the program was about, and what was expected of me. At the end of our session I knew that I was ready to make a commitment to this program.


My first year was not without its challenges, but with the invaluable support and personal advisement of my advisor, Denessa Rose, I was able to conquer those challenges. The ASAP program is like no other program that I have seen. The ASAP staff are advisors by profession, but throughout the school year and during vacation they are counselors, friends, mentors, motivators, and every other professional role it takes to help you over those hurdles. The program has impacted me in such a way that I was not just satisfied with just doing two or three subjects, instead doing as much as I can to complete my degree in the shortest time possible.  I am very thankful for all the support and love the ASAP staff provides; as a full time mother with a full time job, I literally use my one hour plus commute to and from work to study and do as much homework as I can. There are days when I’m so drained that I could throw in the towel, but it’s those days that I reach out first to my advisors.  When you are greeted with “How are you doing? How is your family?” those are words that keep you motivated because when someone enquires about your family and listens to how they are doing, you know they are genuine.


My future plan is to attend Baruch College after BMCC, and then to purse my masters to fulfill my professional aspiration of working as an office manager in public administration.


I have also received commendation from professors, who enjoy having ASAP students in their class.  They have commented that it’s a pleasure, and that ASAP students are very committed and they push a little harder; they earn their grade.


I want to give a heartfelt thank you to the CUNY ASAP program, especially BMCC ASAP, for all you are doing and will continue to do after I have graduated. I will always commend and recommend this program. Denessa Rose, I am very appreciative of your assistance and patience.  Who knew I could have completed 18 credits in one year? All of this was possible because of you, Denessa. Thank you.



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