Anival Gonzalez


Anival Gonzalez



2010 New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellows Recipient


I am a 23-year-old Puerto Rican college student with the aspiration to become a director of film and photography. I am a creative, ambitious, outgoing and personable individual with the drive to succeed and make my dreams become reality. Born in the Van Nest area of the Bronx, I later relocated to Woodbridge, New Jersey. During my adolescence, I was forced to become independent at a very young age. I started working in customer service at the age of 14 to provide myself with the things my parents could not. My early experience of independence and naturally being a hungry and ambitious individual inspired my educational and professional aspirations. Anything I set my mind to and hungered for with all my might, I succeeded in obtaining it. I graduated from Woodbridge High School in 2005. To discover my desired career path, I took four years off after completing high school. My immediate family moved to Florida the same year that I graduated. I visit them once or twice a year, or as often as I can afford. They want me to succeed in life, yet are unable to provide me with assistance to help me achieve my professional goals. Though I carry their unconditional love in my heart always and forever, I must be my own support system in my journey for success. I did not have assistance or guidance during the college application process. Being the first in my family to attend college, I find this whole experience surreal, yet rewarding. After completing three consecutive semesters in college while maintaining a GPA of 3.6, I realized that the power for success was solely at my hands and if I focused intently, anything is possible.

One person that has shaped who I want to become is my Aunt Ana. Her extreme dedication and drive towards her own goals, and my goals as well, have led me to believe in myself. Her endless support, love and faith have built my confidence. I aspire to become as wise, passionate and loving as she has always been.

One of my personal aspirations is to study abroad next summer. This semester, I am applying for scholarships to assist me with the financial aspects of this goal. Hopefully, I will be able to spend a semester studying film and photography in Italy or Japan.  Ultimately, I plan to graduate from my current community college with a GPA above 3.5, then transfer to a university to study film and photography. I plan to build my portfolio while studying film. My professional goals are to open my own business for photography and video arts. My dream is to direct music videos for upcoming artists and write and direct original independent films. One day, I hope to change the world through my creativity in film and photography, passion and individuality.



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