Asana Gimballa




Bronx Community College ASAP '12

At work, when I speak English, some colleagues of mine find it hard to believe that I grew up in Africa, and have been in the United States for less than two years. It might sound offensive, but I feel proud that after spending an entire twenty years in Accra, Ghana, West Africa, people seem to perceive me to be American-born. My parents are both Ghanaians and my family is made up of six children including myself. My late mother, who passed away when I was in my first year in high school, was and is still my greatest motivation in life. My twin sister and I are the oldest of the family and the first to be in college.


My sister was pursuing nursing at Bronx Community College and was part of the HSA. She told me about ASAP. I was interested due to the financial assistance and counseling given to ASAP students to help them graduate earlier. I expected to get free metro cards, text books and laptops.  However, I didn’t expect the remaining amount of my tuition to be paid for by ASAP.  I had not been in New York State for a full year when I started college, and for that reason my tuition was at the higher, out of state rate. My financial aid paid for half of my tuition, and with the help of ASAP, I was able to register for my classes. In addition to this, I get the free metro cards, textbooks, and a laptop every semester, which makes my college experience easier. It also boosts my morale and enhances my academic performance.


Aside all of this, I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the ASAP building in Browns Annex. It’s full of other ASAP students with whom you communicate and form networks. Also, my advisors are exceptional. They go above and beyond to help students—and not just academically, but also with advice to help us on our way up the success ladder. ASAP has given me extraordinary opportunities and experiences. One of them was being a member of the 2011 BCC ASAP Leadership Team, which taught us to implement our ideas and work as a team to create an excellent project.


After my associate’s degree, I plan on earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance/ Business Management from one of my top three college choices: Cornell, Baruch, or Stonybrook. With this degree, I hope to begin a career as a financial analyst or entrepreneur. Hopefully, I will also earn a master’s degree and eventually become a CEO.


Overall, I would say that ASAP has given me the opportunity to pursue a degree, create networks, have my first project as a student, and also improve my leadership skills. ASAP keeps leading me to my academic and career goals.




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