Qiong Zhou



Bronx Community College ASAP '14

I come from a small city in China. I lived there until I was twenty years old. I stopped my education after I graduated from high school because I was waiting to immigrate to the USA. My father had come to the USA when I was young, so he applied for me to come and join him. However, the long waiting time made me lose the opportunity to go to college in China and I wasted two years. Finally, I arrived in the USA when I was twenty years old. Even though my family preferred for me to work rather than study, I was very determined to continue my education. I went to study for my GED one year, and I got my GED diploma. Because I applied to CUNY for the spring semester of 2012, I went to a program called College Bridge to gain more knowledge during the fall of 2011.

At College Bridge, my college coach told us about the ASAP program. He introduced the program to all the students who wanted to go to a CUNY community college. From him, I learned that ASAP provides free text books, free MetroCards, and academic support. It was wonderful for me to hear about this because free text books and MetroCards meant that I could save a lot of my money, especially when I was having a hard time financially.

Since joining ASAP, I often feel that I am a lucky person. I have free text books, free monthly MetroCards, and the chance to see Broadway shows.  I also go to see my advisor, Ms. Robles, once every two weeks, and she always helps me when I have problems. She tries her best to make me feel better when I am not so confident in myself. It is very amazing, and I am appreciated now that I am in ASAP. This feeling always encourages me to study harder.

For me, it is not easy to pursue my dream of being a Registered Dietitian, but I will never give up. After I get my associate degree, I will transfer to Brooklyn College to get my bachelor degree. I know my goal is closer to me, and I just need to go on. This is thanks to ASAP.  Without ASAP, I would not have enough confidence to be able to relax and pursue my dream. The ASAP program is very good for students who are seeking support to help them clear up their burdens so they can have an easier way to pursue their dreams.



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