Enoch Sowah




Hostos Community College

My name is Enoch Sowah and I was born in Ghana, West Africa, where I lived with my mother and two older sisters. I graduated from Prempeh College High School in May 2009, and in September of that year I relocated to New York to join my father.  Not knowing much about the educational system in the U.S, I had difficulties trying to enroll in college. I went from one office to another just to find the right information. Finally, someone introduced me to a GED program being offered at the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, where I quickly enrolled. In February 2010, I obtained my GED certificate.

I applied to CUNY and I was enrolled at Hostos Community College.  In the fall of 2010, I was recruited into ASAP. At that time, all I knew about ASAP was that metro cards and books were provided, but after the orientation I really became aware of the vast resources the program invested in students.

SowahBecoming an ASAP student is one of the best things that happened to me. What I like most about ASAP is the high standards they set for students, which motivates me to strive harder and become an achiever.

I plan to further my education to the doctorate level. My goal is to become a medical doctor and an international diplomat who would champion the course of the underprivileged. I know that with ASAP’s excellent, high-class academic and career advisement, the future is bright. 

Through ASAP and the Hostos Student Leadership Academy I found out about the Kaplan Leadership Program.  I applied and became a candidate.  Then the unthinkable happened: I was accepted into the Kaplan Leadership Program!  This scholarship program is designed for community college students who plan to further their education to the bachelors level and beyond.

I am very excited about my new journey with Kaplan and I am very confident that with all the support the program offers, with their guidance and hard work on my part, the sky is definitely below the limit.


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