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"I believe being an ASAP student was one of the best things that has happened to me at Kingsborough Community College not only because of the resources we receive as ASAP students but also with the close relationships we have with our counselors, mentors, professors and advisors."

Mame Sourang, Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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Jamel James



"I am a full-time student of the working class trying to upgrade in my life, and become a guidance counselor. I also have a strong passion for traveling the world to educate people in poverty."

Jamel James Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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Kelly Olson



"Once I graduate from Kingsborough, I plan on attending either Binghamton University or Stonybrook University for Nursing. I have wanted to be a nurse since I could remember; helping others is something I love to do."

Kelly Olson, Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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Alexis Dyer




"When I think of myself, I believe I am determined, driven, a hard worker, and always willing to learn all that life has to teach me."

Alexis Dyer, Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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