Zoltan Bakos




Kingsborough Community College '13


I was born and grew up in a small but beautiful Central European country, Hungary. I graduated from high school, completed my GED and two vocational diplomas, as well. I got my first job in the automotive industry, and years later I decided to visit the United States. That was now 10 years ago, and I have remained here since then because I like being here and I have further plans. I first worked in construction and later I started my own business and worked as a self-employed professional for years. However, I am switching careers because of the economic situation in America and around the world. I am back to school now and trying to accomplish my goals despite my age. I am 36 years old but I have realized that is never too late.

When I began planning to go back to school, I was skeptical about the process. However, my optimism kept me motivated. When I experienced my first success in an American school, receiving my ESL diploma, I gained more courage and enthusiasm. I realized that I can get what I need with effort, so I kept working towards my goals. Unfortunately, I lost my father and my mother couple of years ago. My parents wanted to see me graduate from college or university, so that has given me extra motivation, and I want to dedicate all of my accomplishments to them.  

Without any help from ASAP, my efforts could not be enough despite my determination. I was so surprised by the help I have received from ASAP. I never expected the great support that I have received so far.  The support has given me more faith and greater confidence as I approach the challenges in my life. Therefore, I now feel that the road towards reaching my dreams and goals is much shorter and less bumpy.

Through Kingsborough and ASAP, I have many more connections than ever before, and my life is much more colorful. I am participating in club activities and discovering our beautiful city through different events, so I have had many new opportunities both on and off campus. I like to be on Kingsborough's campus and enjoy access to the different facilities, including the library, computer lab, pool, gym--and enjoy even just being outside on the grounds.

Despite facing tough times and many challenges, I never regret my decision to continue my education, because I become more confident day by day that I will succeed. I have had challenges like starting and building up my new life in another country, learning a new language and new skills, and looking for job, but I have worked with faith, courage and motivation to overcome them.

ASAP has been a great support financially and emotionally as well. Currently, I am pursuing a full time degree in tourism and hospitality. I have worked hard to achieve a strong academic performance, earning a 3.87 GPA so far, and I want to maintain it in the future as well.  Since I am changing careers, it is not easy to find work. Even with a part-time position, it would not be enough to support my academic and living expenses all together.

I want to continue my education and transfer to a four-year college or university. ASAP has very strongly reinforced my goals to be a professional in the field of tourism and hospitality.  I am grateful for the support and assistance ASAP has provided me while I am starting a new life and new career. 



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