Ciara Scott-Samuel




LaGuardia Community College ASAP '13


The step that changed my life was walking into the ASAP program. I did really poorly in high school and I suffered from massive depression and I had just gotten out of a bad relationship. I remember telling myself when I walked into LaGuardia Community College that I would be really focused and make sure I worked my hardest to get my diploma.  Before the beginning of ASAP there’s a three-day orientation.  They divided us into three groups: one for dancing, one for spoken word, and one for acting.  I was picked to be in the dance group, and we had to practice a routine to perform on the last day of the orientation.  In only two days I learned that I have the ability to dedicate myself to something I desire. Desire is always a key to getting what you want; when you desire something enough, you will work to get it. I decided to become an ASAP student for the knowledge and connections that can help me get where I would like to be.


A lot of students don’t know about the benefits of ASAP program aside from the free MetroCards and textbooks , but  ASAP also provides students with information about job events happening outside the school, and teaches students how to write a cover letter and how to develop networking abilities. They have given me information that can help me throughout my life.  And ASAP isn’t only good with information, they also help financially. Many college students struggle because of financial reasons. The most important impact ASAP had on my life was the ability to finish school early. That’s what I loved the most. It takes an average student almost four years to get an associate degree. It will take me a year and a half to get my diploma.


In the future, I want to be a successful entrepreneur who will keep on evolving.  I want to use my abilities to help others in need. I want to able to not miss a moment of opportunity when it comes into my life. ASAP’s advantages are the keys to help me achieve my goals, and I know that my dreams can be fulfilled through dedication and applied knowledge.



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