ASAP Application Criteria




What Should i do if i want to become an asap student?


  1. Apply to a CUNY community college at
  2. Take the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) immediately after you receive an acceptance letter.  (For more information on CAT, click here.)
  3. Apply for financial aid.  (For more information click here.)



What requirements do I need to meet to become an ASAP student?

  1. Be admitted to a CUNY community college
  2. Meet ASAP residency requirements
  3. Meet ASAP academic requirements
  4. Meet ASAP financial requirements


Program slots are limited. All students who have applied to a CUNY community college and meet all ASAP requirements will be contacted by mail and invited to an ASAP information session.  Read more about specific ASAP requirements below.



ASAP Residency Requirements

New York City Residency: All students must be New York City residents.



ASAP Academic Requirements

Basic Skills Requirements: All students must be skills proficient in reading, writing and math OR have no more than two developmental course needs based on their scores on the CUNY Assessment Test (CAT). Each ASAP program determines allowable developmental course placements for their college. Contact the ASAP office at your community college of interest for more information after you have taken the CAT.

Students with two developmental course needs at time of application must attempt at least one of their required courses in the summer before program entry. Failure to enroll in a summer developmental course may cause a student to be ineligible for ASAP. ASAP offers a variety of summer developmental scheduling options and courses are offered at no charge. ASAP also provides Metrocards to all enrolled students.

Continuing and Transfer Student Requirements: Current CUNY or transfer students must have 15 or fewer college credits at the completion of the spring semester. Continuing students must have a GPA of 2.0 or above and be able to take a full-time course load in the fall.

Major Requirements: All students must agree to enter into an Associates degree program (A.A., A.S., or A.A.S.) on a full-time basis (minimum 12 credits or equated credits* per semester) in an ASAP-approved major.  Most programs other than nursing are available. Visit the individual campus pages to see ASAP-approved majors.



ASAP Financial Requirements

Financial Aid Requirements: Students must receive some need-based financial aid as determined through completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and a New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application. For more information on FAFSA and TAP, click here.

ASAP Tuition Waiver Requirements: To be eligible for an ASAP tuition waiver, students must receive financial aid and have a gap need between their financial aid award amount and the amount they owe for tuition and fees.



Other ASAP Requirements

Other CUNY Programs: Students may not participate in both College Discovery and ASAP. Click here <pdf> for a quick review of differences between College Discovery and ASAP.

Individual College Requirements: Additional criteria may apply at specific colleges.  Please contact the ASAP program at your community college of enrollement for more information; click here for contact information.



  *Equated credits are for developmental courses that don't carry college credit value, but do count for financial aid purposes.