Support Services

Services include

  • Referrals to work-study, internships and work experience;

  • Informational mailings and seminars to keep students informed of public assistance requirements;

  • Job preparation, placement and follow-up;

  • Housing information; and

  • Referrals to other agencies as needed.

For services, contact one of the COPE campus offices .

In addition, services for students in HRA-approved Associate’s Degree programs include:

  • Help with registration and scheduling to allow students to meet Family Assistance work requirements without interfering with their class schedules;

  • Help with obtaining childcare and carfare supplements, preparing for HRA appointments, and meeting workfare requirements; and

  • Tutoring and academic and personal counseling.

Contact Us

CUNY COPE & P.O.I.S.E.D. Offices
555 West 57th St, 11th Fl
New York, New York, 10019