2008-2012 Goals

The City University Master Plan 2008-2012 outlines the following goals for SEEK and College Discovery:

  • ENHANCE STUDENT ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. Special Programs will build on its student performance focus in the last Master Plan, particularly on increasing retention and graduation rates, CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE) and gateway course performance, credit accumulation and increasing mean Grade Point Average (GPA). Special Programs will focus on increasing student participation in the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society (XAE), which promotes academic excellence for opportunity program students. Enrollment management strategies will be adopted, along with an emphasis on establishing realistic academic admissions criteria that will enable students to succeed from pre-freshman status through to graduation. A standing committee of Program Directors, the Enrollment Management Working Group, has already been established for this purpose.
  • PROVIDE 21ST CENTURY CO-CURRICULAR TOOLS FOR SEEK AND CD STUDENTS. Through its annual Request for Proposals, Special Programs has begun establishing pedagogical and counseling initiatives that provide “soft skills” instruction to students. Special Programs will expand its annual Student Leadership Conference and provide students with new co-curricular learning opportunities aimed at instilling interpersonal and professional development skills. As the result of a dissemination component, students will be charged with taking leadership roles on campus and participating in leadership training for their peers. The Student Leadership Working Group will spearhead these efforts.
  • INCREASE INTERNATIONAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES. Recognizing the importance of developing a global perspective in a rapidly “flattening” world, Special Programs has created a standing committee, The Study Abroad Working Group, whose charge is to establish guidelines and encourage widespread participation in foreign study opportunities. Modest financial support for eligible students will be provided.
  • INCREASE ALUMNI PARTICIPATION. In order to increase the number of venues for student internships and apprenticeships, expand private funding opportunities, and promote community, the Programs will increase participation of alumni in their initiatives. The success of the 40th anniversary celebrations demonstrated that a largely untapped pool exists. These graduates credit the Program with transforming their lives, and many wish to play an active role in supporting the SEEK and CD mission.
  • FOCUS ON THE INTEGRATED UNIVERSITY CONCEPT. Special Programs will further develop a SEEK/CD student degree progression, from associate to bachelor’s to master’s to doctoral degrees. The Program seeks to increase the number of transfer agreements between and among SEEK/CD Programs and the colleges in order to provide a seamless transfer process.
  • FOCUS ON COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMS. Two standing committees have been established to enhance program and professional development opportunities for Program staff. The Publications Working Group’s mission is to encourage expanded research, publication, and grantsmanship as well as to create a Special Programs journal that would publish the research and programmatic initiatives of SEEK and College Discovery. Expanding, developing and creating fora to disseminate best practices is the mission of the Power of Development Working Group.
Read The City University Master Plan 2008-2012 (pdf). <pdf>