Opportunity Programs

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CUNY offers several Opportunity Programs for motivated students. Read through the information below to determine which program is best for you.


The Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge Program (SEEK) is a higher education opportunity program targeted at every CUNY four-year college. We know that not all students are the same, and thus, it was established to provide comprehensive academic support to capable students who otherwise might not be able to attend college due to their educational and financial circumstances.

There are perks to the program as well. SEEK offers an array of instructional, financial, and counseling support services to its students. The program has activities that are designed to assist students in meeting the challenges of college and to provide a supportive environment in which they will flourish.

Likewise, the College Discovery Program (CD) is available at six of CUNY’s community colleges in order to serve the same purpose.

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The Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP) is designed to help motivated students at six of CUNY’s community colleges earn their degrees as quickly as possible, usually within a three year time span. ASAP features a consolidated block schedule, cohorts by major, small class size, required full-time study and comprehensive advisement and career development. Additionally, the program seeks to aid students with financial barriers standing between them and full-time college study through a variety of means, such as providing a free Metrocard, access to textbooks and tuition waivers (to those financially eligible).

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