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The Admission Review Process

The admission review process provides us with an opportunity to assess your entire academic record, including all attempted and completed courses and grades earned and essays/personal statements and letters of recommendation. Applicants to our four-year colleges must have completed at least one college-level course in Mathematics and English with a grade of “C” or better, or must demonstrate college-level readiness based on SAT, ACT, AP, IB or New York Regents test scores.

Your entire college/postsecondary school academic history, including grades earned from courses taken more than once, will be used to determine a grade point average (GPA). If more than one college/postsecondary school was attended, your GPA will be determined through a combined calculation of all attempted coursework.

Your high school/secondary school record will be considered if you have completed fewer than 30 college credits.

As we consider each applicant, we also look beyond the classroom. Extracurricular accomplishments, special talents and awards in particular fields and academic achievements in light of life experiences and special circumstances are weighed to determine a student’s potential for success at CUNY.

Be sure to review the deadlines, as well as the Transfer Admission Profile, a helpful resource that lists the mean grade point average (GPA) for last year’s admitted transfer students.

Transfer applicants may apply to up to four CUNY Colleges. You must list your college choices in order of preference, as you will only hear back from one college choice.

Admission application Deadlines*

General Admission                    
Fall: February 1        Spring: September 15   

*Certain schools and selective programs may have earlier deadlines and close before the dates above. To review a comprehensive list of dates, visit

Prepare To Apply

To prepare, you will need to download the Admission Application Worksheet for Transfer Students. The worksheet provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply as either a General Transfer or School of Professional Studies applicant (see below). Fill in all blank fields and make notes as you go along to help you accurately complete the online application.

Use the Transfer Supporting Documents Checklist to begin compiling required documents that must be submitted after you apply.

Once you have prepared, create a CUNY Portal account to submit your online Admission Application.

Browser Compatibility:
Please be advised that you may experience difficulty in viewing the CUNY Admission Application in internet browsers other than Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, such as
Google Chrome and Safari.


If you have graduated from a CUNY community college and would like to apply to a CUNY four-year college, you must complete a Transfer Admission Application.* Admission to a CUNY four-year college is guaranteed, although not necessarily to the program or college of your first choice, if you meet the following conditions:

  • you have earned an AA, AS or AAS degree with a 2.0 or higher**

  • you have completed at least one college-level course in Mathematics and English with a grade of "C" or better

*If you have graduated or will graduate as a part of the CUNY Justice Academy, you do not need to fill out a Transfer Admission Application, visit for more information.

**CUNY AA or AS degree-holders are guaranteed at least 60 credits toward a 120-credit bachelor's degree.


If you are applying to a CUNY college that you have previously attended, do not complete a Transfer Admission Application. Please contact the Admission Office or Registrar's Office at the college for readmission information.

Transfer programs such as the PA Program at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education and the CUNY BA/BS for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies require a supplemental paper application, in addition to the online Admission Application. These documents should be sent directly to the transfer college/program to which you are applying. Visit the appropriate college/program website for more information.

Apply to one of the BA or BS online programs. Visit the CUNY SPS website for more information.

As a veteran applicant, it is important that you first find out what information will be needed to apply to the college and program of your choice. We recommend that you download and complete the Admission Application Worksheet along with the Quick Guide to Apply for Veterans and Future Veterans.

Note, if you only had military training you are not a transfer applicant and should refer to the Freshman Applicant Page.

If you would like to apply for non-credit courses and certificate programs for career advancement, professional development, skill development and personal growth, visit Continuing and Professional Education for more information.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY - The University is committed to a policy of equal employment and equal access in its educational programs and activities. For more information please download the Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy <pdf>.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY - You do not have the option to omit any portion of your academic history. For more information and to view the University policy regarding the submission of fraudulent documents please download the CUNY Policy on Application Documents <pdf>. For information on academic integrity at CUNY, please review the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity <pdf>.

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