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Message from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

The Central Office of Student Affairs (COSA) has created a news blog. There, I and the entire central office will be sharing important information and updates affecting Student Affairs operations and our students. >> read more

Central Office of Student Affairs

Each campus operates an office of student activities, programs and critical support services that assists students in discovering their strengths and skills and in developing their leadership abilities. Visit Us! to find out more.

University Student Senate Chair

Joseph K. Awadjie was recently elected as the twenty-ninth Chairperson of the University Student Senate. >> read more


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From Struggle to Grace

Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington counseled 2016 Hunter College grads on the importance of sleep in avoiding burnout and achieving success. “When we take the time to recharge and renew ourselves, we are more likely to find …solutions to the greatest challenges,” Huffington said. >>


Resources for Combating Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault (Title IX)