Round 20 Funded Proposals


Proposal Title


Investigation of Charge Transfer Mechanisms in Li/CFx‐Ag2V4O11 Hybrid Cathode Materials Using Multinuclear Solid State NMR Spectroscopy

Paul Sideris, Queensborough Community College
Steve Greenbaum, Hunter College

Exploring the Impact of a Mindfulness-based Pilot Study to Reduce Childhood Obesity Risk in Underserved Urban School-age Youth

May May Leung, Hunter College
David Forbes, Brooklyn College

The Economics of Sex Crime Policy and the Reduction of Sexual Recidivism

Elizabeth Jeglic, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Cynthia Calkins Mercado
, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Deb Partha, Hunter College

Letting Go and Moving Forward: The Benefits of Establishing New Romantic Connections

Claudia Brumbaugh, Queens College
Cheryl Carmichael
, Brooklyn College

Neurobehavioral basis of emotional and conflict-based decision-making in relation to the treatment of anxious depression

Douglas Mennin, Hunter College
Jin Fan, Queens College

Combinatorial Characterizations of Holomorphic Maps

Yuping Jiang, Queens College
Linda Keen, Lehman College

Weak embedding phenomena in omega_1-like models of set theory

Thomas Johnstone, New York City College of Technology
Joel David Hamkins, College of Staten Island

Discovery of novel probes for investigating neuronal disorders

David Gruber, Baruch College
Mandë Holford
, Queens College

Molecular Genetic Analysis of Active Sensing

Harris Zeigler, Hunter College
Paul Feinstein, Hunter College

A Randomized Field Experiment of a Hybrid versus Traditional Economics Lecture

Theodore Joyce, Baruch College
David Jaeger
, City University of New York Graduate Center

Geospatial, environmental, and social factors associated with urinary mercury excretion in an Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining Site in Colombia, South America.

Jean Grassman, Brooklyn College
Glen Johnson, Lehman College
Jack Caravanos, Hunter College

Nano Scale Permeability Measurement in Bone Tissue

Luis Cardoso, New York City College of Technology
Gaffar Gailani, New York City College of Technology 
Stephen Cowin, City College

Game Theory, Language and Communication

Rohit Parikh, Brooklyn College
Stephen Neale
, City University of New York Graduate Center

A Player and a Gentleman: The Diary of Harry Watkins, Nineteenth-Century American Actor

Naomi J. Stubbs, LaGuardia College
Amy E. Hughes
, Brooklyn College

Development of CsSnI3 thin film solar cells

Kai Shum, Brooklyn College
Yuhang Ren
, City University of New York Graduate Center